Greetings Travellers,

This Tuesday I wanted to try something different for a change.

A few weeks ago I started interviewing a few crews around. Crews that have been around for a while, and who actively participate it the community bringing something new that evolves into a pillar that supports the game and makes it the awesome, unique beast that it is. There are a few particular characters that have done an insane amount for other players, and one such person is Anne/Spitfyre.

If you’ve been around for a while you probably know who she is, or at the very least – you may have heard of Anne & AlTim’s Trading Post in passing. 

This post was planned a while ago, but I was asked to hold off as the Trading Post had so many new applicants, and customers, they wanted to close the doors for a bit. In fact, the demand grew so high that as of last week Anne has retired from the store because it almost turned into a full time job! You may have even attended the party to celebrate the new store opening and Anne’s retirement!

She’s still around, but the store is under Altim8’s guidance right now, but it would be a tragedy NOT to share the whole story. 

Remember this picture from before Early Access?


Anne herself started in Worlds Adrift by being ganked as a new player, her hard earned/built ship was sunk. Familiar story.

My store got started when I was supplying fuel to Chili and Rafu’s crew and they would give me core upgrades and wings, etc. A wipe came and I thought…hmmm I don’t even have to gain knowledge, I can just expand the fuel operation to other pirates. One thing led to another and I had a lot of items, so decided to try selling them. [Shade the Wanderer] helped me set up a discord server. I advertised and Voila! A store was born.


The pirates, in turn, don’t attack me and always come to my aid if anyone messes with me. How cool is that? I had no idea what I was getting into when I bought the game. I was looking for something like “Myst” or “Minecraft” and probably googled that. Building the ships looked appealing. I didn’t know what PvP even meant.”


And here we are…

Trade was born outside of the offered game mechanics, entirely community driven and thriving. I asked the key players behind the Trading Post some questions.

When did you start playing Worlds Adrift?

Anne: July 2017.

Altim8: My first time playing Worlds Adrift was only just over two Months ago when my brother and I bit the bullet after finally decided that this game would suit both of us.

Dragonbone: I started playing Worlds Adrift in early summer of last year, I found out about it in April, but waited till it came to Closed Beta, I saved up the money to buy the wanderer pack, and bought it.


Can you recall your most captivating/defining moment that made you think “I am sticking around with this adventure”?

Anne: I got angry when a pirate destroyed my ship. When I posted this on the forum, people convinced me that was to be expected. I decided to try again. Then someone took me to Tier 4 and I didn’t know how to get out, so I added that to the forum. A man named “Rafu” said he would help me. A man named “Areities” said Rafu was a pirate. I said I had nothing to lose. Rafu took care of me then and ever after if I was messed with. The Red Pirates and the Beavers both let me crew with them for awhile and I got to experience the “Big Boy” fights. Intoxicating. And now, I run a store. All of these are captivating moments.

Altim8: There are a are many moments in the game that has compelled me to continue playing but the most outstanding moment must have be when I tagged along to a trade between a friend I had met in-game and Anne. At that moment I realised how much potential this game could actually achieve and I HAD to be apart of the community. Long story short, I got referred to Anne via discord by a pirate that sunk me after i fired at him first. From there things took off and I eventually ended up being part of the trade store.

Dragonbone: For me, it’s a little bit different, back when I first got the game I loved the whole mechanics of having to build up your own ship any frame to pass these hard walls, and exploring new islands that were created by the players. However, in September I quit the game, I came back in Late March because I wanted to try it again after the wipe, but the reason I stay now is because of the community. I didn’t join the discord until that wipe. Back in Summer, I didn’t meet anyone except for, Anne, ironically, and a pirate crew. I love MMOs where you can run into people, either killing them or helping them. It’s your story, that’s why I’m staying with the game.



What can you tell us about your crew – the Anne & Altim’s Trading Post? Who are the key players?

Anne: Altim is a co-owner of the shop (my partner). We work different shifts. Dragonbone is the Store Administrator. We three meet customers, make trades and greet the new customers in the server Capulca. They make pick ups for me in T4 for items to sell. We also have Transport Pilots (Charlie the Unicorn and Shade, as well as others). Our customers contact them directly if they want to travel to different parts of the world. We have Materials Managers (Trilligan and Danjohnstone). Dan is a pilot in training as well. And PappaZandi makes ships for others.

Altim8: I can confidently tell you that the Individuals who I work with in the store are a passionate bunch, and they truly love what they are doing. What I think it boils down to is that they are Genuinely a kind and caring person who has the best intentions for others and are always happy to lend a hand. As for the key players, we all work together as a well oiled unit and we all have our responsibilities that we have to fulfill. But all credit goes to Anne for setting up this magical thing that we call the Trading Post.

Dragonbone:  I did a few deals with Anne last closed beta, and she eventually recruited me to the Transport team (A team that lets people pay them to fly them places.) Eventually, I suppose trust built slowly, and I was recruited to be the Store Administrator early this wipe. Then, a while ago, we recruited Trilligan as our resource manager. Me, Altim, and Anne mainly manage the store portion. Trilligan helps gather resources for the store. The transport team will bring people to the store, so they can do more deals. In my opinion, Anne and Altim are the key players, I’m just here to help.

What services do you offer?

Anne: We sell clothing and schematics. We offer advice, especially for the new players. Our server is community oriented. People come to our store on H.O.T. (Hall of Traders) to trade with fuel or high grade ore. We also offer transportation. We put together PVP events and Community events like the End of the World Event at our previous store. [Keep an eye on Community Events on the forum! CLICKY CLICK]

Altim8: We offer services that can help improve the players in-game experience:

– Transportation

– Trade (player to player/ player to trading post)

– Assist players who have questions

– Supply a location where twitch streamers can get their content seen

– Organise in-game events

– Task force that counters the seal clubbing!

Relating to the last point then… We hear there’s also a beginning of a group calling themselves the Seal Clubbers Nightmare?

Altim8: It’s basically a group of player who has come together from all different parts of the Worlds Adrift community to make a small but meaningful difference. Basicly when word has come that there is an instance of seal clubbing, I will give an alert to the crew which contains the Zone and Island name. Anyone who is nearby and available will head over to the area and put an end to seal clubber(s).


How do people recognise you’re coming to save them/wreck them in the name of Justice?

Altim8: First thing I do when I come in contact with another ship is yell in caps “AHOY”. It seems to be the universal way to tell others you’re not a threat. You’ve got to be wary of the silent ones.

Dragonbone: For me, I usually yell “I come in peace.” I usually end up giving lower tier players a lot of stuff, just because I want to help them, because the best part of the game is in T3-T4.


How do you recognise who’s the seal and who’s the clubber?

Dragonbone: That’s a question Altim should answer 😉

Altim8: The seal in Worlds Adrift is a player that has been repeatedly killed or harassed due to their lack of ability to fight back or defend themselves.

The clubber is a person who is scummy and who repeatedly preys on a person who he knows has not the slightest chance to retaliate, just to see the person suffer just for the sake of it.


What do you get up to in real life?

Anne: I am a retired Biology Teacher/Medical Technologist and a polymer clay artist. My husband and I live in a small town in Texas in a pretty neighborhood. My son is an entrepreneur who owns 2 successful businesses.

Dragonbone: For me, I’m still in education.

Altim8: I work at the family business full time!

What other game favourites do you have?

Anne: None anymore. I have 2000 hours in this game. I play Ylands on occasion and used to play Minecraft. Loved Myst back in the 90’s.

Altim8: I love my flying simulators and anything that has a sense of realism and a bit of history in it.

  • Il2 Cliffs of Dover (flight sim)
  • Warthunder
  • Pub G

Dragonbone: For me, I am extremely picky with video games, I could love one racing game, but hate all others. I enjoy games that either are MMO Sandboxes, quick arcade games like racing, or an amazing storyline that leaves me sad that it’s over, my favorite being Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I don’t play that many different PC games, but the ones I do play, I play a lot.


What’s your tip to a new player?

Anne:  Don’t give up. Lose a ship? Rebuild. It’s part of the fun. I direct them to them to the HELP section in our store which has video tutorials (by Kevdo) , How to deal with pirates (by Shade) , a section for getting through walls, a world map, stream sites to visit and other tips.

Altim8: My tip would be to not get attached to your ship as when you do lose it, it won’t break your heart like it did mine 😛

Dragonbone: Don’t give up, a pirate is going to knock you down, your first attempt at the storm wall may put you back at point 0, but just don’t give up.


If you guys want to join the Trading Post discord, you can do so through this link: Altim’s trading post

Let’s see what lies ahead, and see you in the skies!