Greetings Traveller,

Today is going to be a short but sweet Tech Tuesday.

The Public Test Server (PTS) for Worlds Adrift is jingling on its way! Like Santa Claus, but not at all and in the middle of Summer. Not sure where that analogy came from.

The intention of the PTS environment is to provide an opportunity for players to test and feedback on upcoming changes to the game before they are released into the live servers. Here’s how you can make a massive difference:


Who is it for?

Love breaking the game in new and fascinating ways? Wanna test a new feature and help us tweak it? Or maybe you like finding new bugs?

This is for you! You will be able to test upcoming features, help us find big scary bugs that we haven’t encountered, and probably encounter things that are very unstable or simply do not work properly at all: enter the PTS with this in mind!

The feedback and bug reporting on what you find on the PTS is CRUCIAL, and it’s the most direct way you can shape the future of Worlds Adrift.


What is the PTS?

The PTS will be a separate server running an early version of a future Worlds Adrift patch. You’ll see future patches on the PTS as well as more theoretical or radical ideas that our team want to try out with the community before working on them further. You’ll be able to log in to a duplicated version of the live world, and mess around to your heart’s content. What happens on the PTS stays on the PTS – meaning no progress or changes to the world will ever get copied back to live. In fact, during the duration of a given PTS version, we may wipe or update it frequently. We’re planning to release a PTS build about two weeks prior to its release to the live servers.

In addition to getting feedback early, your feedback on the PTS will help us find game-breaking bugs, so we can fix them before releasing to live. But since the turnaround is just these two weeks, we won’t realistically be able to fix all bugs that aren’t game-breakers. This does mean that these things will already be logged and ready to fix two weeks sooner than normal (yay!). We’re letting you into the sausage-making process of game development here – you’ll get to see first hand the hard choices between fixing annoying but not game-breaking bugs or shipping a release on time, and unfortunately there’s rarely consensus on the final call!


How will I access it?

Disclaimer: Only the existing players (at the point a given PTS release cycle goes up) will be able to access the magical realm.

In short:

  1. Ensure you have created an account on the main game prior to a PTS release
  2. Switch to the PTS Beta branch on Steam
  3. Log in with your main account (It is copied from the main game prior to every PTS release cycle)

We will post specifics on the day and help you log in correctly.


How will I leave feedback?

You’ve probably seen there’s a feedback button in the game! If you’re as attentive as I am – it’s in the upper right corner, or you can just press F2.

You will get an open window to leave us some feedback. Try to do your best leaving all possible details of what you were doing to cause the issue.


The PTS will be landing NEXT WEEK, so jump in then, test things out and tell us over on the official PTS forums what you think does or doesn’t work – we’re excited to hear your thoughts !

See you in the skies!