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This Tech Tuesday is brought to you by Gracie (Community QA) (and Jiten (Analytics)).    


Have you ever heard someone at Bossa say something like “X% of players have done Y?” and thought to yourself, “How do they actually know that’s true!”? Wonder no more, friends – the answer is our incredibly talented Analytics team! They’re the people working hard to gather anonymous, gameplay generated data from Worlds Adrift and turn it into useable information.

For those that don’t know what analytics is, it is essentially finding, understanding and explaining data. We try to use that data to understand you, the players, a little better. For example, we can use analytics to see where the most popular hotspots are for players (you can compare this to the incredible community made map here to get an idea of what’s being shown here):

(This heat map shows the number of unique visits an island had during a 24hr period. Orange areas indicate at least 1 visit, scaling up to 200+ visits in red areas)

Analytics can also tell us things about specific activity on specific days. For example, on May 18th, the day after we went into EA, over 1200 players undocked their ship and took to the skies for the first time. We can also see stuff like the the total number of bullets fired (34,531,782) and how many of those ever hit anything (26,446,319). We can see the total number of schematics learned:

Or how long (on average) people spend in the character creator:

This sort of data is really useful for understanding our players and their overall habits a little better. We can see if there are certain areas players are ignoring or avoiding, if players are dying more often to certain sources compared to previous patches. So if we added a new creature (absolutely theoretically for now), and you guys tell us “Hey! This new creature is absolutely destroying us!”, we could use analytics to see the scope of what you’re telling us. We’d be able to see exactly how many more people are dying because of that creature, where the most number of people die to that creature, etc.

Just to show off some more cool data we have, here’s the analytics showing where most people die because of PvP. Wanna guess where the most dangerous place in Worlds is? Take a peek:

(This gif shows PVP deaths over a 7 day period. It pauses for 2 second on the first day of tracked data then cycles through the other 6 days. PVP deaths are classified as deaths caused by player pistols, cannons, swivel guns and explosives. PVP deaths caused by physics objects, being blown off your ship etc are harder to track accurately and thus are not included in this gif. Orange indicate at least 1 death, scaling to about 500+ deaths in red areas).

Your next question might be something like: “Hey! How do you find all this info out?”. All the data is anonymously gained using in-game events. When someone dies, it pings a message to our analytics server saying “Hey! A person just got killed by a Manta!” and records some additional data like where they died, how long they’ve been alive before they died etc. When you dock or undock your ship, it sends a message about if thats the first time you’ve ever undocked a ship, where you undocked/docked it… Landing on an island? The server sends a message for that too. We use in game actions to gather our data, so we can only get this data from people actively playing the game.

Data is incredibly useful for a variety of reasons, from spotting the effect of bugs to seeing where the most popular in game hang out spots are – I hope this Tech Tuesday was useful for you, too! Even though everything we gather is entirely anonymous, this sort of information is a great help for our decision making process. It helps add some more objective facts and figures to player reports in the forums and discord and to back up design decisions we might want to make.

I’ll be in the comments answering any questions you might have for me – see you in the skies!