Knowledge And Scanning Revamp

Update 30 will bring the first big changes to scanning and progression in Worlds Adrift.

First things first; scanning has been heavily reworked. We have removed the need to scan every individual object in the game. They no longer give any knowledge but their description text remains. From now on knowledge is primarily gained from databanks, lore pages and salvaging schematics.

Another quality of life change we’ve made is a new cursor icon when holding your scanner and it will change colour to highlight when something is in range to scan.

These features have also been added to the other tools such as salvage and shipbuilding tool.

We’ve also added the ability to “complete” islands. This will become more substantial in the future but the initial feature will let you know how many databanks are on an island and how many you have found.

As you may have noticed the scanning UI has also been revamped. It will now be far more prominent on the right hand side of the screen rather than tucked away in the bottom corner.

The next part of the revamp is the knowledge tree. From now on you will gain most of your schematics by progressing down the various branches, rather than relying on RNG from island chests.

So let me introduce you to the new knowledge tree.

Upon learning Shipbuilding you will have many new branches to choose from. They have been based on various aspects of the game and will unlock schematics related to those areas.

This means that those schematics can no longer be found in the world, and if you have already learned those schematics they will automatically be unlocked in the knowledge tree once you reach them. There are still, of course, many schematics to be found out in the world, some being among the rarest and most difficult to find.

The intention behind these changes is making your progression through the game about what you choose rather than looting chests and hoping for the schematic you want. You can pick what a branch to specialise on or unlock a little bit from each one. This also gives new players a better sense of direction and points them to the many options and playstyles the game has. Eventually you will be able to unlock the entire knowledge tree so it should satisfy any completionists out there!

(Credit to alTim on the official Discord for the background image!)