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Released to the live servers!

Update 29

Implement Overheat for engines and balance Overheat for cannons. Requires a rehaul of the formulas and calculations, and to set the stage for Proximity Heat later.

  • VFX
  • Cannon Overheat rebalancing
  • Engine Overheat implementation
Update 29
Cosmetics Item Shop

Item store for purchasing of cosmetic (only) items for your character and ship.

Update 29
Proximity Voice Chat

The volume will attenuate based on the distance between the speaker’s and listener’s characters. The /mute command will now also mute someone’s voice chat. Typing “/mute USERNAME voice” will only mute their voice channel, leaving their text chat visible.

Update 29
Paint as Cosmetic Component

Craft painted objects using cosmetic paint component.

Update 29

Items that can be slotted in schematics to improve some stats at the expense of others.

Update 29
Stack Splitting
Update 29
Loom to replace gauntlet crafting of clothing

A ship part to craft clothing items.

Update 29
Rebalance Material Stats and Crafted Stats
  • Metal stats and rarities rebalancing
  • Wood and wooden stats balancing
Update 28
Spooky Halloween cosmetics and content!
Update 28
Client Performance Improvements
Update 28
More improvements to ship rubberbanding and sudden corrections in flight
Update 27
PvE Server

A new server type will open up, in addition to the regular server type. On the PvE server, in Wilderness, Expanse, and Remnants, most combat actions will not affect other players, though physics will always be present. In Badlands full PvP rules are still in effect.

Update 27
New Players Start in Haven, a Tutorial Zone

A relatively safe zone where all new characters start the game. Here players will go through the the revamped New Player Onboarding, learning how the grappling hook and character movement work, as well as how salvaging, crafting, scanning, and Knowledge works. Upon completion, players pass through a one-way exit to a Wilderness zone, where pistols become accessible and shipbuilding becomes possible. More here:

Update 27
Reviver Charge

To combat attackers having no consequences when attacking others' ships, revivers get a charge that partially depletes if player revives from distance; reviving when the charge is empty sends a damage shockwave across the whole ship. Docking the ship on an island refills the charge. This is waiting on fixing unfair deaths, in order to not punish non-attackers.

Update 27
Turrets In-game

Implementing the multiplayer side of Island Creator turrets, to bring them in-game.

Update 27
Log in or Respawn on Moving Ship

Player logging in on respawning on a moving ship without falling behind.

Update 27
Some Clothing Craftable, Dyeable
  • Schematics for Common and Uncommon clothing can be found, to be used to craft the clothing
  • Pigments can be salvaged from scrap items
  • Cloth can be crafted from plant fibers, and dyed with pigments, and used to craft clothing
Update 26

Bringing alliances, including alliance chat and member management, in-game; players will display Alliance name underneath their own.

Update 26
Crew System Fixes

Moving to a better, more reliable backend that will allow us to fix the various bugs with the Crew system.

Update 26
Reducing Ship Rubberbanding

Currently, ships will often jolt forwards and backwards when crossing invisible boundaries in the world, throwing players off. This work will smooth out these transitions more.

In Public Test

Available for playtesting in the Public Test Server

PTS is not live currently!

In Development

In progress; being developed now

Additional ship rubberbanding fixes at physics server boundaries
New Player Onboarding Continued
  • Additional tutorial steps after learning Shipbuilding
  • Reworking UI screens to be more intuitive
  • Rework the entire starting flow
  • Codex entries for scanned/learned objects, explaining how they work
Improve Weather Barriers

In playtesting the fix for ship rubberbanding, stormwalls and sandstorms appear too easy now. These will need to be buffed, and there's some scope for additional difficulty mechanics.

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System Messages Out of Chat Log

Moving salvaging/repair/other gameplay messages to on-screen UI elements.

Knowledge Tree Revamp

Revamped design for Knowledge system and Knowledge tree.

Multiple-crafting in Inventory

Being able to craft, for example, five stacks of bullets, or cloth, or or food items at a time. Does not apply to crafting 3D objects (assembly stations, etc.)

Cosmetic Slots in Crafting

Crafting components now have an associated (optional) cosmetic slot to change the appearance of the object. Dyeing will be changed to work with this new system.

Steam Community Market

Players will be allowed to list certain Stash items on the Community Market, and buy these items from other players/sell them to other players. Check out for more details.


In the future plan to be developed during Early Access

Weather Barriers Affect Players

To prevent glitching or exploiting through the walls, and to present a danger to the player herself, not just the ship.

Proximity Heat

Using the overheat mechanic to discourage stacking engines and cannons too closely.

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Emblem Creator Implemented In-Game

The old Emblem Creator on the website will be rebuilt in-game.

Alliance Emblems on In-Game Objects

Alliance Emblems can be applied to in-game objects to demonstrate player Alliance membership.

Territory Control

Alliances can claim islands; with enough islands controlled, entire zones will belong to the Alliance. Contesting a territory requires attacking on foot as well as ship combat.

Player-Craftable Atlas Compass

Craftable tracking/pointing device that will always point at the tracker. Tracker can be placed on an island or someone's ship.

Scanning Objects Data Updated

Variants of objects (e.g., all birch trees) only need to be scanned once for Knowledge.

Updated Cursors

Change mouse cursor based on tool equipped, and color based on object moused over.

Player & Ship Logout Rules Update

Player given option to log out alongside ship to ensure its safety; additional specific rules to lower frustration while preventing combat logging.

Trade Stations

Craftable object that will allow secure trade between two players.

Speech Bubbles

Chat will appear over characters' heads.

Shipyard Progression

Shipyards upgrade similar to ship cores; ship frame sizes limited by shipyard upgrades.

Steam Workshop Integration

Ability for players to create and for players to use User Created items in-game.

Paint After Crafting

Apply paint to an already-crafted object.

Ship Layout Blueprints

Save a ship's layout (placement of all parts) to help guide the rebuild if ship is lost.

Trade Stall & Goods Manager

System allowing trading across distances at an atlas shard cost.

Shipyard Frame Designer Update

Improved rules, improved performance, improved UI.

Ship Frame Can Take Damage

Ship frames are no longer invincible, but take damage at various points.

Dynamically Update Islands

Islands have a lifecycle, and will cycle out after some time, while others will cycle in.

Melee 1.0

Basic melee combat, to defend yourself when you have no equipment.

Island Creator Gameplay Update II

Physical switches, levers, and other puzzle pieces for complex dungeons.

Comprehensive Damage System

Multiple damage types to both solve some silliness with the current rules and also create additional strategy for ship combat.

Mapping the World

Players can map out the world through craftable items.


More, and better!

Temperature System

Ambient temperature system that affects overheat on ship parts and players themselves.

Freeform World map Layout

New system to have curved weather walls of varying thickness, zones entirely surrounded by another zone, and more.

New Arctic Biome

Requires passing through a blizzard to access.

Ship Rendering Optimisation
Legendary Engines

This roadmap illustrates the journey ahead. Please note, this information may be subject to change. 
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