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Update 27
Ancient Atlas Compass

Lootable atlas compass crafted by people long ago. Following the compass will lead to caches of exclusive treasure not in any other loot tables.

Update 27
Unlooted Chests Accumulate More Loot

To dynamically and procedurally increase the reward for finding chests that haven't been looted recently.

Update 27
Expanded Cooking and Food System

Lots more recipes! Some of which results in food that give temporary buffs when eaten.

Update 27
Furniture on Ships

Non-interactive tables, shelves, etc., and interactive chairs players can sit in. Does not include beds - to come at a later time.

Update 27
Guitar first pass

Reintroducing musical instruments for the first time since pre-Alpha! First pass does not do any clever network syncing.

Update 27
Balance Glider

Glider becomes unstable after a little while to prevent long distance gliding, but will also be un-nerfed for short range gliding.

Update 27
Gear Durability

Gear items (gliders, lamps, etc.) no longer drop on death. However, they have a durability that depletes incrementally with use, after which they will break and need to be replaced.

Update 27
Rhegus Greaves

A legs gear slot item (like the hip lamp) that, when activated, allows the player to walk on any angle surface. Does not work on unclimbable surfaces. Cannot run or sprint.

Update 27

A torso gear slot item (like the glider) that briefly stops the player's current velocity. After a few seconds the player resumes her previous trajectory.

Update 27
Epheremus Drifter

A torso gear slot item (like the glider) that activates atlas in short bursts. When midair, the player behaves similarly to an object with a lifter attached.

Update 26
Updated Hotbar

UI improvements to the hotbar

  • Adding Inventory menu to hotbar
  • Adding Social menu to hotbar, moving Crew to Social menu
  • Adding Alliance tabs to Social menu
  • Visual improvements to hotbar
Update 26
Public Test Server

Releasing a test server that will have in-development versions of the game; available to all Founders and Early Access players.

Patches through
New Kioki Region

A new map with a Kioki region, including Kioki islands and more.

  • Distinct loot tables for Saborian and Kioki regions
  • New music
  • New Kioki-specific clothing
  • New Kioki-centric lore
  • New Kioki scrap loot
  • Kioki revival chambers
  • Kioki containers, chests, lootables
  • Additional Saborian-specific clothing
  • Saborian- and Kioki-specific cosmetic ship parts (figureheads, lamps, etc.)
Cinematic Introduction
Character Crouching and Sneaking
New Player Onboarding Update

Better prompts to help new players understand the rules of the game; much more coming later.

Pre-Early Access
Founder's Pack Upgrades

Upgrade options for Founders from Wanderer to Explorer, Wanderer to Captain and Explorer to Captain.

Pre-Early Access
Male-Centric Hairstyles & Beards

Adding more cosmetic options for male characters to balance out the number of male/female hair options.

Pre-Early Access
Climbing 2.0

A totally rebuilt, improved system - that doesn't kill the player!

Pre-Early Access
Ship Notification When Attacked

Docked ships message owners when they take damage.

Pre-Early Access
Shipyard Dome Protection

Shipyard domes protect against bullets, swivel gun shots, and cannon shells from both directions.

Pre-Early Access
New Islands & Gameplay Hazards