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New Kioki Region

A new map with a Kioki region, including Kioki islands and more.

  • Distinct loot tables for Saborian and Kioki regions
  • New music
  • New Kioki-specific clothing
  • New Kioki-centric lore
  • New Kioki scrap loot
  • Kioki revival chambers
  • Kioki containers, chests, lootables
  • Additional Saborian-specific clothing
  • Saborian- and Kioki-specific cosmetic ship parts (figureheads, lamps, etc.)
Cinematic Introduction
Character Crouching and Sneaking
New Player Onboarding Update

Better prompts to help new players understand the rules of the game; much more coming later.

Pre-Early Access
Founder's Pack Upgrades

Upgrade options for Founders from Wanderer to Explorer, Wanderer to Captain and Explorer to Captain.

Pre-Early Access
Male-Centric Hairstyles & Beards

Adding more cosmetic options for male characters to balance out the number of male/female hair options.

Pre-Early Access
Climbing 2.0

A totally rebuilt, improved system - that doesn't kill the player!

Pre-Early Access
Ship Notification When Attacked

Docked ships message owners when they take damage.

Pre-Early Access
Shipyard Dome Protection

Shipyard domes protect against bullets, swivel gun shots, and cannon shells from both directions.

Pre-Early Access
New Islands & Gameplay Hazards