It is an absolute pleasure to announce that Neon Siruis has volunteered to transcribe the podcasts!

Before I start, I’d like to say that this is just me, trying to transcribe all the important details mentioned in the Podcast, as in information regarding current and upcoming updates, stuff that’s being fixed, etc. I’ll try to keep it short and easy to read, as best as I can. For a full version of this, go have a listen to the Podcast. Not only it’s the full thing, it’s also a really good laugh!

We will be sharing these with the future episodes, and the mods have already dedicated a channel in the Worlds Adrift Discord Server, so jump on in!

The Cooling Factor – Episode #13 – Worlds Adrift Dev Podcast

“The team has been working pretty hard to get everything ready for Update 29, and they just hit Feature Locked (quick explanation here: Feature Locked means the team will be working on a specific set of locked features, and only those, I think :P).
Player impact damage system reworked, which should be now a bit more forgiving and reliable, more consistent and predictable(falling from certain heights is more than likely to kill you, bouncing and hitting objects/ground, etc, easier to predict when you will die, take X amount of damage).
In the game right now, depending on what body part you hit, you take more or less damage. In this new system, that’s not what happens, that means it’s more consistent damage.
Moster has been working on more tutorial things, specially on the onboarding stuff (for new players starting the game), and focused on post-Haven, as in building and piloting new ships, details like that.
This is not just about teaching new players how the game works(at least for the very first steps), it’s also work aimed towards a quest system, which can be used outside of the tutorial and possibly for future quests. More details will be shared for that much later when the actual system is in place, but it’s important to note that this is not just work for the tutorial, it’s the foundation (haha, get it) for something much bigger.

Christmas is coming! And that means holiday stuff too! Foundation might not have Christmas, but we’re getting a spicy new lantern for the ship!

They are also introducing a new dyeing system to replace the one that we currently have. To keep it short, basically the system we already have didn’t let them do things like… Dye ship parts! That’s right, add paint to ship parts when you craft them! 😀
The cool thing about the Christmas Lantern (sorry, holiday lantern? Whatever lol) is that it’s the first dyable light in the game. The idea was, of course, for it to resemble holiday lights, with different colors around the ship in a nice display. Super cool idea. (Strip clubs amirite)

If you’re up to date with WA, you know that the overheat mechanic is coming in soonTM. Well, no longer soonTM, it’s actually going to be introduced in the game, and with it, the material rebalance, AND the addition of three new materials(metals).

A new sort of stat for engines, cannons and swivels(the three things that can overheat) will also be introduced, which is called “cooling factor”.
It’s not represented as a bar, as the rest of the stats, it’s represented right underneath the weight, as a number that goes between 0 and 100. Currently with the materials that we have in the game right now it’s impossible to get 100, so that’s that.
What it does is show you how the connectivity of your engine is allowing it to cool, and how efficiently it does cool(how quickly).

Something that’s been asked for quite often, skipping the tutorial. That was supposed to come with the first iteration of Haven in update 27, but it just didn’t work. It’s not currently one of the features locked for 29, but it is something they’re working on, and will try to bring it to the game soon, for those that keep making new characters, or have different accounts, or just don’t wanna go over the same thing over and over.

The Rhegus Greaves schematic is.. Not in-game. They spelled it wrong, so it’s not in the loot table(I freaking knew it).

As for new in-game stuff related to weapons, there’s nothing about it in this new patch (though there’s some spicy stuff already in, love it), but there’s gonna be (at some point) a sort of combat update, where they’ll add a bunch of.. violence. >:D Yes, it will include weapons.

Question from YouTube: Will password protected containers ever be considered? It would be a great QoL mechanic, and could encourage more grouping if the danger of losing your stuff to a crew member is mitigated.

There’s.. Not really a concrete answer on this, but to sum it up, it’s basically something that will be discussed internally, and maybe the come up with something quite like it. Maybe. Hopefully, it’s a nice idea.

Question from YouTube: How do you build the walls when you make a new world? Do you just have a square and draw lines, or do you do it manually on 3D piece by piece, how does it work?

Answer: Basically there’s a tool that we have, it’s a big square and I place down these markers which dictate different biomes, and those are used to calculate Voronoi cells, which are basically just automatically generated walls and then I encode those points with the data of what biome type and what culture type they are, and that is used to decide what kind of wall type there are around there, and then I can place islands down from our database onto that and adjust the height of them as well. So I have control over longitude and latitude as well as the height of all the islands but I don’t have direct control over the walls and I don’t have control over the shape of them, I just sort of have to move those cells around till it works, which means if I want to for example take one biome and make it bigger than the others for one reason or another, I have to do it by moving all the other biomes in the map away from it. It’s a little fiddly, a little awkward, but it’s what we’ve got. We want to update it and make it more intuitive, make some hand-drawn stuff so we can have some things that aren’t straight lines, but at the moment, we can’t. We will, at some point.

Question from YouTube: Would it be possible to create a pocket of space within a storm/sandwall like an eye of a hurricane, and within that, could there be an island?

Answer: Not possible. However, that’s rad, and I want to do that.

Question from YouTube (hey this one is mine): What happens to your stuff(ship, inventory, everything) when you delete a character? If the ship is logged out, does it stay disappeared forever, or does the reviver get cleared and the ship spawns owned by no one? Does your (now)non-existent character drop a bag with whatever you had in your inventory and belt when you delete it?

Answer: We’re actually investigating a bug right now where the ships do not disappear as they should, but the intended behaviour is that when you delete a character, all of your inventory and your ship and everything is removed from the servers. Obviously, if somebody who hasn’t deleted their character is still playing the game, then it’ll stay there, it’s only when they delete their character that everything gets removed from the server.
So say there’s two people on a ship, and they both are registered to a reviver, one of them deletes their character. The ship will still be there, because the other character still owns the ship (they basically inherit the stuff lol). That’s what’s supposed to happen. As for the bag, anything in the inventory just isn’t dropped, it.. gets deleted, that’s it.

Question from YouTube: I’ve always been a fan of having to overcome an environmental aspect in a game, so speaking of new biomes and little actual player versus environment content, would we ever get a storm zone? something like the storm wall, but scaled down with roving lightning areas (similar to how the rain spawns in at particular spots)? I feel like the weather is a huge environmental aspect that could make even the dullest moments of the game very exciting?.

Answer: So yeah, there’s two other biomes sort of planned out (one being in the Roadmap), and the next one that we’ll get is the Arctic biome, which is meant to have some sort of blizzards, and the one after that, the Jungle biome, involves quite a lot of player versus environment stuff. Not sure if that’s how it’s gonna end up, but it’s basically how it was planned/designed. Dangers like poisonous clouds, noxious stuff in it, potentially insects that could bite you if you go through them, bouncy mushrooms, stuff like that. Ideas like roving storms are something that we would love to do anyway, and so potentially we’ll have something along those lines in maybe even an existing biome at some point. But we need to do more with the weather patterns and how/when we can expand that system.”