The Worlds Adrift Island Creator is a free and powerful tool that lets you design and play your own floating islands in the sky. Amongst Worlds Adrift’s universe of thousands of procedurally generated islands, we want to involve you, the community, with the chance to submit your own island creations to be featured in the final game for everyone to discover.

Build your island using a range of shapes and customise its appearance with textures and objects from the game world. Once you’re happy with your design, switch across to play mode and explore your island from a player’s perspective, all within the tool. Browse Steam Workshop to discover islands that have already been submitted by the community, ready for you to test and rate. The only limit is your imagination.

Submit your islands and help shape the universe of Worlds Adrift!

Most popular islands so far…

by NewWay
Shaft Garden
by OddNova
by OddNova
Hermit Hut
by CATman4L
Monument Island
by CATman4L
by ArchEngel
War Tales 5
by Teras
Is the tool free to use?


How does the tool work?

There’s a handy instructional video for you to watch right here.

How can I access the tool?

Just download it from Steam:

Is this the full game?

No. It is purely the tool for creating islands, however you can run around and use your grappling hook to explore islands so it can be considered a very small slice of the game.

Do I need to own Worlds Adrift to use the Island Creator?

No, we wanted to make this tool available to everybody to freely create their Islands for the game.  

I’m new to Worlds Adrift, what’s the game all about?

We’re glad you asked 🙂 Worlds Adrift is a massively multiplayer sandbox game, set in a world that is permanently changed by player’s actions. For more information, check out the Game Features.

When will Worlds Adrift launch?

Register for an account and you’ll be the first to know.

How do I get my islands in the game?

The Island Creator has full Steam Workshop support, you simply upload your island and let the community decide the best islands which will make it into the game.

How many of the islands will be procedurally generated and how many will be created by the community?

At the start, there will be more procedurally generated islands, but through the Island Creator we’ll definitely be including islands created by the community, even before the game is launched. Our plan is to add new islands submitted by the community every month, so we expect the balance to soon grow in the favour of the community. We released the tool exactly for this reason.

How will I know if my island makes it into the final game?

We’ll contact you through Steam Workshop.

Can I make more than one island?

You can create and upload as many islands as you want.

Can I use these islands in my game?

You will be able to demo the island in the tool using the character, but only those islands rated highly by the community will have the chance to make it into the full game.

I have more questions about the tool!

Great! Head over to our dedicated forum to see if it’s already been answered, or seek help from our wonderful community.