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Hello, i am wicked. I played worlds adrift a few hours last Thursday and its a lot of fun. but it is slow on the computer that i am using (which i expected).
here is my store thus far. during the first few hours i was alone on this island with a bunch of unfinished ships that where just all over the island. with a lot of resores i build my own ship out of different metals with one engine that i found. but with no gas tank all it could do was move up and down.
when i finish i went looking in the caves, when i returned i found someone stealing from my chest! i shot them a few time but failed to get them for they left the game with my stuff.
later on some else came and explored the caves when he to suddenly vanish.
an hour later the internet crashed so i thought that it was best to end the game their.
Worlds Adrift is a great game but i still wish it was offline play-able or add some things like the glider to Island Creator.
Thank you Bossa Studio for letting me play this wonderful game 🙂 <3


You don’t need engines/fuel tank(generator) right away , you can explore all the islands inside that area just using sails(that cost 200 wood each) and the atlas core .
Engines are just mandatory when you want to moce to a different area through a wind/storm/sand wall.

Just have to pay attention to wind direction , there’s a red ribbon on your helm to help you with that.


i build two sails but when i try to place them they would just vanish!


Story Update: when i spawned in the game i found my ship had be stole!
so i killed myself to re-spawn else where to find items to build and complete a ship so it would not get stolen again.
in so doing i found what i was looking for, having only a sail i set off to other island to find more, and i did.
after a few island i had a ship with one engine, lamp, and a generator.
as to whether it will be their when i come back or not we’ll see.
(hopefully returning on Thursday).


Update: well my ship was still their so that is good news, but i only had time to find 2 islands before i had to leave not much to tell but all good.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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