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Worlds adrift science updated for

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I have now completed all my tests and here are the results





Many thanks to those that helped me out in T4 getting all the materials, I hope everyone finds this useful.

Apologies to anyone who has been looking at the pages during the restyle and update process today.


Edit: I will continue to work on them a little to try and make them look slightly better but the main information is there, I may also attempt to add the weights and how they affect things if possible at a later date.

Thuntomite Stew

Thank you for doing all the science.

It seems the new patch has opened a new path of material science, weight over power.

Alot of the new optimal materials are in reach of your average player for example nickel combustion/tin propeller etc.

Its lovely, science is life.


Thanks for the time you took to compile the data. Do you know if the casing material/health increase has changed from 1.3.3? Like before it was Copper least health increase, Tungsten most health increase.

Yung Lean

Can you explain why there are two columns in the engine sheet for power etc? is one the boost and one the overall increase?


First is the relative strength of that mat, 2nd is the actual multiplier of the mat.

Thanks for compiling this. I will be making a calculator for engine speed for the community soon, as which combination of mats to use depends on the specifics of your ship and your engine stats.


Your engine table indicates that gold is the best for Power boost with combustion internals, however the patch notes indicate this was nerfed and other testing has shown it to be 7th? Perhaps you confused mechanical and combustion internals, since your mechanical results for overheat match other testing results for combustion results for power?

Also what quality of mats did you use for your testing?


Thanks for pointing out the issue with gold that was a error on my part where that has now been fixed,

The second column for the results indicates the increase above the base stat.

With the change steel has become the new best defense although tungsten has not been tested as far as I am aware due to its rarity and weight and its significantly greater usefulness elsewhere.


This is excellent, thanks for taking the time to contribute to the community.


Fantastic stuff Demodraco. Many thanks for all your efforts. When I get enough mats to rebuild I will at least know how to optimise 🙂

Sky Silverwing

Hmm, I’m having a hard time understanding the charts. 🙁

What does the two percentages under each category represent?


Ok have added some extra information to try and help clarify what the different percentages indicate, please let me know if this helps.

Sky Silverwing

@demodraco that’s perfect! Thanks a lot! 🙂


Thanks Demodraco! Do you remember what quality level you used for your testing? For example, you show Tungsten as having 60% increase over base for Power in combustion internals – would that be with Tungsten 7 and all the other mats were done with quality 7 as well? (My guess since it was 69% when I tested with Tungsten 10).


All tests where carried out using Q10 materials, for wings and engines Q10 copper was the base material used for every test engine, with cannons I used Q10 lead as the base material, this resulted in the effect of the parts not being tested staying the same, which will be why you were able to get a greater perceived increase with your Q10 tungsten, as the propeller material will have boosted your power too.


Right – I used Steel 6 for mechanical/props so that makes sense. Thanks!

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