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John Doe

Back to being a pirate i can’t suppress it no more 😀

Pirates: Threat Level:
Notmvp ( High
Callmedaddy High
Beanz Low
Atreties High
Vexus High
Wyk’en Medium
Killerz Low
KosmicSeven Medium
Jasite Medium
Fudo Low

x arjuna x

i am a leader of an alliance who fights against them since there is much more pirates than non pirates (imo)

@Fudo (Rafu) Wanna come to osiris EU west? tons of fun… 😀

John Doe

@x arjuna x Would be fun but both of my characters are reset so can’t get there yet

x arjuna x

Would be fun but both of my characters are reset so can’t get there yet

ok… i see. meanwhile i continue guerilla style lol…

John Doe

@x arjuna x Add me to your crew though on Rafu

Yung Lean

Watch out for fleshyy and his buddy.


I was about to start my own list, as I also head a pirate hunting alliance. Here’s mine so far:

Callmedaddy – This guy is public enemy #1 for my crew. He almost destroyed our ship with his pistol (before the patch) then hounded us for four hours. Later we chased him off of another crew, who informed us that he had been griefing them as they spawned for almost eight hours. Take no chances and shoot this guy on sight.

Beanz – This guy was my first griefer. He and his crew downed my ship with explosives, hijacked it and put it in a shipyard to use as bait, then chased my crew and I around for an hour till he got bored and left. Haven’t seen him since, but he’ll get nothing but cannon from me when I do.

Vexus & Atreties – These two operate a swift and well-designed little ship, and hunt ships for fun (and profit!). They capture the video for Vexus’ youtube channel, which my ship featured on a few days ago. These guys are the only actual pirates on my list so far (as they don’t grief as far as I’m aware), and they’ll put up a pretty fun fight. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shoot them on sight, it just means they’re probably having as much fun with the fight as you are.

Wyk’en – This guy is the worst type of griefer. During one of my streams, this guy opens fire on one of my crew who was island-side. Laughing and firing cannon until he was dead, Wyk’en was horrifically surprised to learn that my crewmember had a boatload of us in our big, cannon-festooned ship just above him. While we were sinking his ship (made of gold, seriously, go look at my VOD for the 29th of June), he kept insisting he was innocent, screenshots to the contrary. After we sunk him, we considered the matter ended: He shot our crewmember without cause, we sank his ship. HOWEVER, he then goes on the community Discord and describes my crew as merciless griefers and him the innocent. No-one fell for it. This guy wasn’t a big danger, but he’s someone you shouldn’t turn your back on. If you’re gonna pirate, at least be honest about it.


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Sometimes there’s a fine line between pirating and griefing. We generally try to disable and loot ships, but sometimes the core dies before we can do that. Also, we’ll sink any ship that comes to an island where we’re doing something sensitive like testing things or building a ship, as we’re in a vulnerable position and can allow no risks. We also sometimes try to caputure and take control of ships to either scrap them for valuable resources, or because we like the ship. Furthermore, sometimes the best way to secure a ships’ loot is to fully disable it by killing the engines, fuel tanks, respawners, or helm, or some combination of them.

As a result, we’ve sunk, marooned, scrapped, and taken over many, many ships, instead of having disabled them and taken their stuff, as some people consider pirating to be in this game. Due to this we’ve been called griefers many times by our victims, and some might see this and think us griefers.

To me, a griefer is someone to messes with people, usually with way less power then them, purely to know they made that person feel bad. We pirate and fight for, as you said, fun and profit. A sail powered ship with no loot is neither, and people in the middle of building a (not big) ship is generally also neither. We tend to avoid those.

Btw, you said your group are supposed to be pirate hunters. Drop us a line, we’ll gladly be ‘hunted’ by you guys whenever we’re in the area 😉

John Doe

@ironoak Awesome i will look out for you guys i am just starting out on US East my alliance is Pirates Bane although right now were small in numbers.


pants or death


Add Killerz to that list, he and two others that i didn’t get the names of tried to sink me last night when i was trying to adjust my ship layout. I was able to defend myself and get away but it was a close call.

x arjuna x


Add me to your crew though on Rafu

Didnt find your name… I will be online today around midnight… got some rl going on ^^.


@Fudo @atreties My Alliance is the Iron Gaianeers, pirate hunters for fun and profit! You have been warned and stuff!

John Doe

@x arjuna x Sure arjuna ill come on at that time and @ironoak i just attempt to take down any pirate that i come across wether i win or lose 😛

Harvicus Maximus

Double report on notmvp, he stole the pants that match my pancho 🙁

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 136 total)

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