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(US EAST) Islandport Opened!

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The islandport is now open in T2-Icecone link to map is below.

Hi guys,
if you cant tell I just rewrote this entire thing according to our new location and plans. Instead of a sector we are now claiming and island much easier to defend and the one chosen has a lot more resources. This islandport is located in T2-Icecone map link is below.

Even though its not a sector we will still need to defend the island. We will have a group of ‘Defenders’ who will protect it. If you want to be one message me on the discord.

First off instead of having pirates the first step to getting rid of them is getting them to help collect taxes and split the resources. They will either ask for 100 iron or 100 fuel if you do not have you will be left alone. I have already got a group of people willing to do this. We will have time stamps and everything preventing unfair taxation. The tax will go towards repairing the structures built on the island that help keep the islandport running.

The islandport will start with these rules but may get more.
1. PVP is not allowed at the island go settle it somewhere else.
2. No breaking/destroying shipyards or assemblers (leave it to the Defenders. If its in the wrong place report it)
3. Lying to a tax collecting/defender will and can get you punished.
4. Players who violate these rules will be on a list on the discord. If you see them you should report them to the Defenders immediately.

The Discord:
The Map:


That didn’t end good last time ; )


The previous freeport left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth about this concept, i’m not sure you wanna go and poke that hornets nest again.


At least name it somewhat different and never make connections to freeport. It’s a red cape for a bull now a bit.


Any ideas involving the long term use of islands will never get off the ground. Maybe you can make a port for your alliance in the future but that’s only if the territory system actually makes the upcoming island turrets friendly to the owners of the island.


The concept of a trading and social hub is fine. Linking it to an island is silly. Attempting to control and regulate space in the game is suicidal.

Such things would exist in a real, human effort to carve out some stability in such an unstable environment. It has no chance of working in the game as it is now. Not the way Freeport Osiris attempted to, at any rate, and the organizers of Freeport would be among the first to say so.


I say go for it my dude. Attempting to do what others say is impossible is what makes a good story, whether or not it is successful. Besides, a territorial control system is planned for the game so it will only get easier from now. May as well get some practice in on hard mode.


Mmmm someone page Keen. He ain’t gonna like you using his “freeport” name! 😉


just need enough people, and this can work. even if it doesn’t work as planned, it still brings lots of activity


Oh hello there, I was just wondering where I can get my piracy permit

Stelar Seven

Keen has plans for a Freeport, new, improved, and mobile.


I personally think that Freeport Osiris was a fine idea. It’s only problem was that they tried to do the impossible (absolute control of a sector) and when they couldn’t do that legitimately, they resorted to cheating.

Personally, I say wait at least until the 1.7 wipe before choosing a location, but preferably wait until alliances/territorial control is implemented (1.10?)


I personally think that Freeport Osiris was a fine idea. It’s only problem was that they tried to do the impossible (absolute control of a sector) and when they couldn’t do that legitimately, they resorted to cheating.

It was not the best idea. Maybe instead we control 1 island instead of a sector. This is why I am getting opinions on how we can make one work.

Jaymz Canada

Maybe you work on controlling one SHIP. Get a fine crew together and get REAL good at PvP. If you can keep that one SHIP safe for more than a week in a T4 zone, then maybe begin making plans for island control or whatever other thing you fancy. Until then…everyone knows about you now, but do you know who’s coming after you? 😉 If not, you should find out (:


I think controlling a single island should be easier on the new map (coming next week maybe?) because it will have islands with the new gun turrets and traps. If chosen carefully, you might be able to built a base on an island that is very difficult to assault from the air.

That would be quite exciting to see!

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