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You took out a comedy ship, made with the shittiest quality materials, built precisely for this function, to give pubbies with a superiority complex something to kill. Good Job!

Also according to Order 27, chapter 3, paragraph 11 – “What happens when Rubber Ducky One is destroyed?” In the event Rubber Ducky One is destroyed, simply get the other ones, duh.

So there.


loOkInG At hoW sALTy YouR boYs WeRe iN STrEam ChAT im SuRE tHeY DId Not cARe AT aLL ;))))))))))


@awfulcitizen To be honest if what you say is true i doubt you would of come on here to defend yourself you would of carried on letting people think what they want if it was truly a “comedy ship”.

@fjollan Good job btw haha.


How far up in the spectrum are you in for friend? But man, good job killing a gimmick ship i guess?


That “gimmick ship” sure had a lot of loot hahaha the only winner here was clearly fjollan.


Ok that made me laugh… mostly for the song used… hahaha


What, you don’t fill your gimmick ships with awful quality loot that people are going to brag about?


@vatthammer Take the L you guys got rekt but don’t stop its a good thing to have you guys as a target.


When the lootz are so phat you ignore them and only take the fuel… lol


If it results in loonbins like this then sure. But man you sure rekt us hard by taking out a duck ship. Man. However will we ever live with ourselfs with such a dreadful loss?


@vatthammer Bless you just sitting ducks feeding the pirates loot ey? nice nice 🙂 the ship had a nice design though i must admit.


Haha, great video! And yes, our ship made to look like a giant rubber duck made out of suboptimal materials and no cannons is, quite literally, a joke. Not much of a call out here!


@spozik Confirmed you guys were serious because you just lied there were two cannons at the top of the ducky!!!! LIESSSSSS.

Big L for TSA.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 75 total)

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