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i started to play to this game last week and after 1 week of game there is nothing to do !
We never met 1 other player during my gameplay, Why ??
Please say me what is the objective of this game because i’m boring on this game after making 5 differents ships.


The next version of the alpha (alpha 6.0) is coming out “soon”, so most people are just waiting for that. If you stick around for when 6.0 goes live, you’ll get plenty of pvp I’m sure.


Because you’re not playing a finished game – you’re participating in early alpha build tests. Worlds Adrift is still in closed alpha. So only a small portion of the population is currently able to access the servers. And a lot of the core aspects are still being worked on.

Edit: and there is no objective for the game – it’s a sandbox. It’s up to you to make your own goals.


^^They’ve pretty much covered it really, but I will also add – if you had logged in at the start of this test when you first got your code, you wouldn’t of been able to go to a single island without finding another player.

While it’s closed alpha, players in the game is a single direction curve. People move on to other things for a bit, but as it’s closed, no one is coming IN. So the start of an alpha phase is the busiest time, and then it tapers off for a bit.
Once it releases to early access, that won’t be the case anymore – the curve will reverse and you’ll have a constant steady stream of new players, making the population gradually increase – especially as more people will cause player retention to increase as well 😉

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Here are some objectives to work on:
– Cross a Stormwall
– Cross a windwall
– Visit every island in the world
– Collect 10,000 knowledge
– Make a ship that can go faster than 50 knots
– Use discord or another platform to find people and have a ship V ship battle.
– Make the biggest ship possible
– Get the best Legendary Schematics you can
– Collect and wear every piece of clothing
– Collect and read all the codex pieces
– Find a Gaben Flag
– Get a Horn or Lamp schematic

Thesr are in no order whatsoever though. And should keep you occupied. Even without friends.


Join the discord, message me and we can meet up in-game

~Zaii the sky ninja.


There seems to be very little reward for finding other players. Best option is to avoid them, it’s not going to benefit you at all to get into a fight with another player. If you have a ship in the best case scenario they don’t damage it, worst case scenario is that you lose it. Even if you manage to destroy their ship, you’re just using resources to do so without any benefit.


Yea @pok, I agree, there is too much risk involved in revealing your ship to another player. If you both glided onto an island without your ships, then you’re safe, but if either of you knows where the other’s ship is sitting, the tension mounts because you never know when someone will hop on your helm and drop your ship into the void.


because you never know when someone will hop on your helm and drop your ship into the void.

This will be a lot more difficult once the craftable lock attachment is implemented.


What I have been doing in game :

– finding new and better parts
– exploring terrain
– getting lost
– falling off of things
– fighting with trees on takeoff and landing (and sometimes while looking for my missing part)
– fighting with electric manta rays
– building gliders and leaving them in boxes
– designing new and interesting ships that have various types of accomodations and affordances. Overhangs for boarding, short ‘legs’ to permit landings, ‘guard railings of frame to deter damage from trees/collisions.
– building ships. If I come across a lightweight frame, sometimes I will make a ship out out of it and leave it somewhere. I’m always interested to see what other people design.
– upgrading random ships that people leave unfinished. i ran across a nice little dinghy that someone had finished but left behind, so I pulled off the sail and threw on plating, engine, fueled it up and put some basic gauges on it. I like to think the person will come back and go “what in hell”
– perfecting my grapple technique
– hanging with my crew of two.
– getting killed by loose armor plating
– watching sadly as my cannon slides out the back of the ship and falls to its doom
– being pestered by flying electric stingrays some more
– not having ammo on me when I need it
– running out of magnesium
– wondering why I built my storage box out of ironwood, when I’ve never seen a tree that is made of it and I need to repair it
– spidermanning around
– slamming into things while spidermanning around
and finally
– slowly gliding to my eventual demise after falling off of something and refusing to give up, hoping to run close enough to something to grab it.

Whenever my children tell me they are bored I quip – “There is no bored darling, there is only boring.”

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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