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The Greatest Tier 1 PVP Battle EVER!

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Greatest Tier 1 PVP BATTLE EVER!

– ships will be t1 only (on the shelf if we load bps or let you use your own)
– we will provide a reasonable amount of mats
– no atlas upgrades
– everyone will beacon to our build island
– 30 minutes to build – no pvp during this time
– fight will exist around the islands airspace
– winner will be declared best tier 1 pvp’er on server!
– teams will be required to stay on this discord in their respective team channel for the duration of the event
– Also for the purpose of keeping this server for actual events – lets keep it pg-13 so the kids can join the fun.

Join the discord to get started (this is required and ONLY for the purpose of PVP events!) –>>


The time is on the table for discussion to make it more accessible to Euro players as well.
Please give us your input.

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