Technology Idea: Atlas Weaves (+Elderfire)

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– Altas Weaves –
Altas-based technology which projects many narrow, interlaced atlas fields, creating a fabric-like “weave” from the invisible strands of the atlas fields. The fields become both tangible and visible by particles flowing within them, but have low friction and must follow simplistic shapes- a limitation of the atlas field. This allows for the projection of barriers, shields, sails, and even simplistic tools and close-range weaponry. The density of the weave influences how translucent and how solid the form is.

Atlas fields are highly susceptible to electricity and electrical fields, which can easily warp and/or disrupt an entire, continuous projection. When an entire weave is disabled suddenly by an external causality, it is said to have been “shattered.”

Projectiles and whole tools cannot be constructed purely from weave for multiple reasons: a weave’s surface has low friction (making for a bad grip) and a weave must maintain a continuous connection with itself and the instrument projecting it. It is not unreasonable to make a sword’s blade from weave, but the hilt must be material and the weave’s flow must be precise to maintain a cutting edge. It is not impossible to make an effective sail or glider from the low-friction surface of a weave, but the weave must be less dense than normal to allow the air to catch within it, passing between the uncompressed strands of atlas field. (All the same, though, a traditional fabric or leather might make for a more practical and effective sail or glider.)

Weaves produce a gentle glow. It’s not bright enough to be a guiding light to the wielder, but it’s enough to expose one’s position to an onlooker. I’m not sure what color it should be. Perhaps tools and components that project weaves can be dyed to tint the weave’s color.

I’m not entirely sure how atlas works or the applications of atlas technology, but the above idea is based on established facts stated by the developers or witnessed in game. We know that atlas neutralizes weight when exposed to controlled electricity, while the existence of the Epheremus Drifter, Immobulator, and Rhegus Greaves gives rise to the possibility of other applications.

Also, I don’t know what sort of “particles” could be used in the weaves. Perhaps someone more creative and knowledgeable than me could propose something sensible. Photons would be rad if it could make any sense, then you could call it “lightweave” or “dayweave” or something cool. Myself, I am partial to powdered aluminum.

Another point I would like to make is that there does already exist shielding technology in the game of some kind, present whenever you dock a ship at any shipyard: the shipyard bubble. If one wanted to include “energy shields” into the game, this already appears to be precedence for it. Is this, perhaps, a different kind of shielding entirely? Maybe this could be a very loose and durable atlas weave that allows for air flow and two-directional travel (hence why the bubble’s two layers are so far apart).

– One-way Atlas Weaves –
As a crazy extension of the above concept, maybe atlas weaves can be precisely formed to flow circularly in one direction, allowing for foreign objects to phase through one side, but be blocked if approaching from another side. This gives raise to one-way weave barriers, so you can make walls or floors that can be passed through only from one direction. Shooting through them with artillary, however, might damage or disrupt the weave.

This could maybe be too strong if you could use it as armor on your ship that the defender can shoot through, but it might be okay as “home field advantage” when defending certain rooms of your ship from boarders. Remember that any significant amount of electricity will shatter the whole thing.

– Elderfire –

The modern term for weaponized lasers based on old, recovered technology.

I didn’t want to make a thread just for this one tiny idea, so I snuck it in here. Whether or not we will see sci-fi weapons like lasers or not is uncertain to me, but I thought I would propose a flavorful name for them. I’m fond of the term.

– Conclusion –
I think it would be cool to see a game in which this weave technology sees normal, but limited, use in combat, but where electricity-based weapons/ammunition are used as a powerful counter. I envision swords, scutum and round shields, deployable mantlet covers, doors, and even sails being made from this technology.

In particular, I am fond of the idea of individual players being able to walk around with their own, personal bubble to protect them from the first few bullets they would otherwise receive. I would call them “wards” to differentiate them from shields. This is an idea I intend to extrapolate upon in a different thread later.

Regardless of its shape and purpose, I think that a weave should be instantly recognizable and that whatever rules apply to one weave-made thing should apply to all weave things. In this way, players do not become confused as to the properties and weaknesses of the technology or what they are dealing with.

Please let me know what you think! I would even appreciate “I don’t like this,” just explain why. Contribute your own ideas for applications of weaves. Suggest changes to ideas presented here. Whatever you want.

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