Suggestions: Shipyard and Shields

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Not sure if these have been suggested before or are in the works already 🙂

For the shipyard, a nice quality of life feature would be to be able to summon a platform/scaffolding to stand on while you build your ship. Sometimes you want to take a step back for a second while building, or just prefer to stand somewhere that isnt on the floor/on the ship while building. Would allow for more complex designs to be built easier without the need for constant grappling. Maybe you grapple to the bubble, find the elevation you want, and you can activate a platform to walk on at that level.

Second is a shield generator to help get through the walls/storms/etc. It can be difficult to get materials of a high enough quality to navigate through the walls, especially since you could very well lose everything, meaning you end up building a small ship out of bad materials and brute-forcing it. A shield generator that can be upgraded would be a good mid-tier addition to build a strong ship that you can take with you places. Perhaps lower-tier ones have a radius such that it could only protect your engine, while a high tier one could protect your entire ship from damage. It could have two different upgradable components; one for damage mitigated, and one for radius of protection. Alternatively, you could have shield panelling that you attach to your ship/components, which activates when the shield generator is switched on, with similar upgrades for quality of protection.
I feel like it would be a good option to grind/explore for in order to protect your ship from the environment. Being mid/high tier it wouldn’t be easy to make, of course, but if you’re attached to your ship and want to protect it as best you can, it would be a fun goal for you/your crew to make the generator 🙂


+1 for platforms (I’m using spots with natural platefoms)

-1 for wallshields: with enough preparation you don’t have to fear damages (pipes redundancy for storms and speed/resi for sands). I even have sometimes 10s blackscreens while crossing sandwalls and my wings power avoided a too big change of direction).


I had a similar idea regarding ship building. The process of swinging around on the bubble and finding the right spot to stand to precisely place parts is very tedious. Something simple to implement and use would be a construction drone that comes with either the shipyard or the constructor. After the ship frame is constructed you could activate this drone that would be able to fly and hover at any point within the shipyard bubble in order to hang parts.

Divide Zero

Drone may be a little much. But scaffolding? I can see that. Just a cheap wooden construct that you can move around with the ship building tool and that would fall apart and disappear if not salvaged prior to taking off (to prevent clutter, and so you can build up and around your ship yet still take off).

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