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I really think special limited time events would really keep the interest of the players for a while, for example like in one certain event pirates come to the world flying over everywhere and there’s great pirate bosses and stuff, and when you kill them you get a special item that can only be dropped by that event, so when the event is over, that item would be considered a rare.

Now, I don’t know about you but having items that other players don’t have or can’t have would definitely make me excited, these drops don’t even have to be op; they can be purely cosmetic or just a reskin of another item. The point is, it shows you that you’ve had experience with the game and you can basically ‘show off’ to others. And, since you drop your inventory when you die, it would make PvP more competitive if someone wants to acquire the items you have.

I feel like adding these limited time events (which can also be seasonal too) would make the game 10x more fun and it’d also give players more new content to enjoy so they do not get bored.


The only way that’ll happen is if a group of players decide to take up that mantle and provide a pirate threat of their own – as there will be no human NPC’s or AI controlled ships. Bossa have stated they want the game world to be populated and run by the player’s and that there will be no pre-scripted events like other traditional MMOs.

Unique, limited offerings of cosmetic item variants (which are functionally the same as existing items) is exactly what Bossa has in mind with things like the Founder Packs and the eventual game store. The person who buys the item will actually get the schematic so they alone can build it. This is helpful because in the event of losing your ship, you’ll be able to recreate the item for yourself.


But that’s just pure pay to play…


Those items will be purely cosmetic that will be in the store, and have no effect on gameplay. Bossa doesn’t want rich kids to rule the game any more than you or me do.


Still, I wished even if the event didn’t have NPCs, perhaps some sort of scavenge hunt across the world to find some sort of crashed meteor with goodies in it or something, that’s what I mean


That’s pretty much how the game currently operates. We’re all scavengers trying to find some good resources/schematics in ancient ruins and caches dotted about the world. And if we were to happen across a crashed player ship, even better! It’ll persist forever until picked clean or raised/repaired and claimed.


To have a pirate raid event happen would be fun for all the players (most of them atleast) and that is exactly why we do have some pirate alliances in game. And they do drop valuable ressources based on the ship as you can loot it. If the alliance considering to pirate is big enough it will be almost the same scale as the normal MMO scripted events or even greater.
Just consider a war between the four biggest alliances in game: That would be about 600-800 players (because some are offline), with 2 to 6 crew (sometimes more) per ship that is 700/4 = 175 ships flying in a war against each other. There will also be some traders doing business and some scavengers trying to get something good for themselfes.

That really does sound like a big scale event that you can tell stories about. And no need for a scripted/coded event.

(Some pirates might consider building a pirate treasure with a treasure map, I certainly think that would be cool)


an egg hunt maybe?


but how do you even know your travelling in a certain direction or where you’re headed


yeah a hunt would be cool


@canski There is a heading indicator (or compass) which you can put on your ship. As well as player developed maps (these aren’t coded in, you have to physically write it down on paper or record in a program out of the game) which can help to.


Maybe some creatures that you don’t often see would come in swarms, and that would be an event.
Or maybe there could be like a queen beetle every now and then, and players would have to work together to take it down.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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