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Not sure if this has been mentioned yet (Also sorry if this is the wrong place to be posting this) But while building, some parts disappeared, only to reappear super far away. As I turn my ship, these parts seem to be attached to it, just at an incredibly far distance. I added a wing and engine that disappeared, so now I’m not sure how much they may be affecting my flight patterns and physics being so far away. Is there a way to remove these? I really don’t want to remake my entire ship, haha!

(Specific screenshot is foggy, but I can confirm these are parts from my ship)

EDIT: So turns out they are still registered on the ship, in the place I put them, however they appear to be far off. By destroying the item far away, they reappear on the ship. I had duplicate items as I had replaced them earlier on.


It’s a bug, I’ve encountered it as well. Someone reported in the 5.1 bug thread too.


Ah alright! Also for some reason, I don’t have access to the bug thread… tried initially posting there but couldn’t.


I’ve had a similar bug, but it involves when I move things around on my ship, they disappear from view/interaction until I relog.


@erigorn, contact Bossa via the support section to let them know – anyone in the playtest should have access to the alpha forum.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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