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So today I logged in in my ship and staretd to fell down as my ship changed it position. After reviving in personal reviver i checked my crates and all metal i got was gone. Is it possible that my ship didn;t log off properly and someone got on it and stole my goods? or is this just some bug that take most of my posessions away?


same thing happened to me a week ago, id been unable to properly log into the game, and i think because of that, my ship wasnt logging off properly, and i came back to find someone had stripped my ship clean of anything useful, in future i guess its better to log off far away from any islands, or maybe hide it under an island or something.


Quick checklist:

– Is there any possibility that someone could’ve boarded your ship and looted it in the few minutes it takes to despawn? – ship removal is not instananeous, your character logs after 20 seconds, but your ship remains in the world for a few minutes at least.

– Was your ship docked at a shipyard, or in the catchment area of a shipyard when you logged out? – A docked ship stays in the world.

– Do you belong to any crews? – A crew is basically a ‘party’, so long as one person is logged in, all ships linked to that crew will appear in the world (Far as I can tell). As tempting as it is to make a crew with your friends, don’t actually crew with them unless you intend to operate on the same boat.


Ships are bound to respawners that are placed on them. If any of the players registered on a respawner are active in game, the ship will also be logged in, until all registered players are offline. Ships without a respawner will not log-off at all.


i was playing by myself, so i had no crew, i had logged out far away from any shipyard, so that wasnt an issue, but for about 2 days i had tried logging into the game, but the game kept freezing upon loading, and wouldnt let me log in properly, i tried a bunch of time to log in over that 2 day period, and when i eventually did manage to play, all my stuff was gone, nothing i could have done really, but its fine, long as it doesnt happen when it goes live for real. Hopefully when the add the locks to helm, storage etc, that will reduce the risk of theft.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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