Separate Physics Instances For Ships.

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So in light of the new fixes that have been placed on the PTS, and seeing first hand that they’re still very much a work in progress. I’ve decided to post a solution I’ve observed in the past. Worlds Adrift is not unique to the issue of players standing on moving vehicles, it has been an issue that has plagued video gaming for a very long time. A long time ago, I had observed a similar problem on Garry’s Mod. Those familiar with the with the game’s space build mod will be quite familiar with the same problem that plagued that mod as well. Getting to the point though: A mod author who had been very passionate about space build, designed a solution. He aptly named it “Gravity Hull,” what it did was instance out ship physics. Meaning that a player who came into contact with the ship’s geometry, would be subject to the ship’s physics. The way the mod author accomplished this in the framework of Garry’s Mod, was any object selected with Gravity Hull would spawn a duplicate object outside the map. Rendering physics in the direction the user wanted normal gravity to be applied. When a player would come into contact with the hull inside the map, the mod essentially told the game to pull the physics from the hull outside the map. Below I’ve posted a YouTube link to a video that better showcases the mod in action. I’m not a game designer myself, and I certainly don’t know what Bossa Studios has going on under the hood of Worlds Adrift; but I certainly hope this suggestion helps fix one of the biggest issues that has been plaguing this game for a while. Best of luck! ~Fly safe


I’m usually not one for bumping forum posts here, but I really feel like this might be a potential solution to one of the largest game breaking bugs in the game right now. I understand I’m lacking a lot of context for how Worlds Adrift works under the hood mechanically, so maybe this goes no where for them. Any sort of feedback or thoughts would be appreciated though. ~Fly safe



I helped the original author of gravity hull develop the addon way back when (although I didn’t write the actual functional part of the code, I helped a bit with testing and outlying functionality).
I just wanted to point out that the way gravity hull works in gmod is a massive hack, and is only necessary in that game because the modding api does not have enough access to the engine to do it the right way. However, I’m no game developer myself so I can’t say what the right way is, I can only guess.
In addition, gravity hull designator completely removes all sense of inertia due to the way it works, which makes sense in space ships where it was intended to be used (space magic “inertial dampeners”), but probably isn’t what the worlds adrift devs are looking for.

I recently bought worlds adrift and this issue in general was one of the first things I noticed. I’ve got to strap myself down every time a friend engages the engine or risk being thrown off at the slightest bump.

Although that said, it’s definitely better than the way it works normally in Gmod. I’ve also heard from friends that it works significantly better in the current version than in previous versions, and this post might be from before the current version. I can see that there’s room for improvement though.

I’m hoping this issue can be solved the right way eventually, whichever way that is.


In my own experiences, I have never encountered a stable flight yet where I haven’t been hurled off my ship if I let go of the helm. Especially if the throttle is set to max. To me this posses a huge problem, especially for a game that advertises itself as a multiplayer experience. It essentially relegates extra crew members to permanently sit on cannons or chairs or risk being flung off the ship or killed by the game’s weird physics conniptions. I would rather have inertia-less space aboard the vessel than risk death and losing everything I have on my person every time I decided I need to leave the helm. I understand that in the future, Bossa has discussed storm walls being able to blow people off of their ships; and I think that, that could still be incorporated to the facsimile concept. Rather apply inertia and elemental hazards only to the facsimile, not the hull rendered in real space.

Like we’ve both said though, I have no idea how they have things written beneath the hood. I’m just hoping a little creative brain storming and a look to previous solutions might help them overcome this huge issue. It is one of the main reasons I stopped actively playing Worlds Adrift. I lost too many ships to freak accidents that had nothing to do with PvP or environmental hazards. It was merely me being flung off my ship randomly at a bad time. The worst part about it, is usually these freak accidents are usually difficult to even react to, let alone recover from. One of the biggest drivers for me disengaging from a game is losing all of my progress to something I have absolutely no control over. And I fear if they continue to leave this bug in their game, it’s only going to have the same effect on newer players that come in later down the line. It’s something that needs to be fixed soon if they want to have a loyal player base.

Either way you slice it, I’m happy to see someone else has read my post, and I wish Bossa all the best in their endeavors. They truly have an outstanding title here that has a lot of potential and I’d really like to see this game succeed. It’s just got a few major pockets of turbulence it needs to work out first. ~Fly safe

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