Really enjoyable pts experience

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Gettin in the game some farming not too much, which still keeps it enjoyable (fuel, missing material) and some satisfying building and testing. Love that Alt F4 has been dealt with and the new playability features are really nice. Well on my some hours pimp my ship journey could not resist to once again speak about terrible progression on the live and how amazing the game can be on the pts. Where i can enjoy the mechanics of the game and do something and go for a ride. The right amont of time, for the ones who wanna play a game. Make the pts the game – make wa great again.


and enjoy wa and flying along the landscape instead of just pulse damn rocks for days


Perfomance was ok, i can feel a difference and more responsive handling.


I like pulsing rocks.

El Whoops

Went to the PTS, built a quick boat, went straight to T3, felt an overwhelming sensation of emptiness, went away.
The PTS is way better than the live server but there’s just no game to be had in WA.


There were sereveral events on the PTS that were directly organized and supported by the devs in order to get realtime feedback on specific things. Many of those things were then immediately addresseed in patches. Word on the street was overwhelmingly positive about the process.

El Whoops

Words in a dark side alley maybe. Most people who might come back just go in and give it a shot – like me.
They will never notice. Implement an event feed on the front page of the game. Plenty of room there!
And keep past events visible, so people know that something’s going on.


true, i dont use discord much, dont have enough time to organize something. But there is a perfect environement and much potetntial to do such events there. Better info would be great, especially for those who dont use discord much


. . . Words in a dark side alley maybe . . .

Not for long – exciting times on the horizon!
They’ve just filled three key posts – recently removed from the studio’s ‘Jobs’ section :-

Head of Analytics
You will be responsible for the end to end process of managing Bossa’s game analytics, working closely with stakeholders across the business to drive the information gathering in-game, to make sense of it and create recommendations based on findings and drive the desired behaviours from players.

Product Manager
(You) will work closely with Production, Design and Marketing to drive product vision through a commercial lens, monetisation strategy, and help define business feature requirements. In close collaboration with the Development team, the PM will translate these insights into new content, features, and optimisations. Working closely with the Marketing team the PM will support the launch of new features to customers.

Product Marketing Manager
(You will) lead our outbound marketing activities. You’ll be responsible for presenting our products in ways that will strengthen our brand, while developing and implementing the most profitable strategies to help boost sales.

The odd number above will be of benefit as it means there’ll always be a decisive vote when the squabbling starts.
(Seems to be quite a lot of overlap between the positions’ respective requirements?)

However, still to be filled :-
Director of People and Talent
You’ll lead the People and Talent team, with the overarching goal of helping us attract, retain and get the best out of our talent. We’re looking for someone who has high energy, confidence, and bundles of initiative. Someone who can work in a fast paced environment, and understands through experience, what it takes to support our ambition and growth.

So once they have someone on-board in this role there’ll be an intermediary to convince the old guard that the three newbies above are not bullshitting?

El Whoops

The Head of Analytics has the strangest job description.

and drive the desired behaviours from players.

If that should read “OF players” … fine, otherwise … you’re royally F’ed mate, welcome to the team ^^
Getting that position you should know what happens if you are trying to herd players into desired directions.
That’s a can of worms nobody should subject themselves – and subsequently their product – to.


The Head of Analytics has the strangest job description

No stranger than any of the others – surely these ‘roles’ are already committee-driven in-house?
Are the Brand-in-Chief, Gamer-in-Chief and Creator-in-Chief taking early retirement?


Well, i get this back to topic.

Quiete promising what ive seen so far. Well ofc the cherry on top was a unlucky bug, but the pts is quite forgiving to have a laugh bout it.
Tc works which is good – dunno if i like it yet ^^, but intresting.
Well the last knowledge boost feels a bit too f+ much, but if its compared to the new life, its a understandable pts setting, i hope ? So nobody wonders, if he enters the new life, right ?
Fuel and atalas shards stay like they are ? I definetely hope so, that progression gets increased and a few intelligent limitations stay in the game. I really have to say due to mostly bronze , iron and lead in lower tiers. Mediocre quality in t3, t4 can work a bit better as a hotzone in the future. Even terriorial control adds to it. But if i go on the live and just farm 300 out of a rock, there is no way in hell i ever touch this game again ! Than you would be stupid bossa !
You arent, or ? Its will be better, or ? 🙂 Seriously not funny if you dont buff the salavageing of material !

The absolute minimum and i absolutey mean it, is about 1000 out of a rock or you will lose the lonesome wolves and a big part – maybe the majority of casual players after a week. In my opinion the current pts settings are really enjoyable. It still takes a while to collect the material and min/max still takes a lot of travelling and time. Well, 1500 mats with every good rock, is the way to go for the live!

The whole blueprint gets useless for the kind of ship players really wanna safe as it takes a massive amount of time to make it. Complicated or big – It would simply be impossibe to rebuild something like that on the live with the current gain of material. What anyone can rebuild , is what they can build in short time anyways. The whole blueprint idea would be kinda useless niche element of the game.

1500 and lets´r rock !!

Makeing a bank would take days instead of weeks, the game would be much more enjoyable. Most of all your damn bugs in the game, for god sake, empathy and raise the bar of enjoyment after a fail due to these loveley bugs killin me for playin ya game. This invisible final boss, is the the only thing which constantly manages to destroy my ships. (Black sandwall bug, eac error while parking in the abyss and so on)

Knowledge .- well 2500 gets boring fast. But 2 island for 1 engine on the live is just nope ! Wrong! Bad game design! 2 databanks should always offer 1 engine. 2:1 is an intresting offer to search them ! Decrease cost for t1 engines to 150. A databank in t1 give 75 xp. Done -playability + 100 %. Instead of this hilarious 25-40 xp for a databank vs the knowledge tree. -OO- I mean – ofc i can be the lucky one with jets next wipe after my first draw. But after overheat got implemented – it took me several months to fuckin have something to use on the live. Lottery is dumb, i want more tickets for it.

So give something back, if u wipe!

Farming has to be a entertaining side quest and not the main mission. I wanna play Protoss and not zerg.

Anyways wipe incomeing, enjoy and get on the pts folks..


What about ‘paint’?
You forgot to mention ‘paint’ – can a PTS ship hull be covered with a few cans now?

Regarding ‘Well, i get this back to topic’
Anything remotely connected to WA should be welcome on the forum right now, considering its present state.


True the forum is the place to be right now. Discord is working instead, anyways a forum enables me ta save my thoughts and come back to it. Nothing is perfect, but beside my personal points of intrest, i like the forum feature. Regarding the content, as far as i can see community and development are working really close together on discord. There is a good transfer of knowledge and experience. The game and not the social media is in the focus, which is a better way.

I am just afraid that my casual time wont offer me a good experience in the future, farming has to be more efficient. The real content is interaction with others and not assets. Action vs farming. Competition instead of zerging the grief. Possibilities vs Problems. Dynamic vs a stationary game.

Their jobs offers arent intresting for this thread, there are many different ways of interdisciplinary teamwork, to do a good job. Definetely not the thread for it to be discussed, especially i dont think you or any one else has the right to judge on that field. They have their special social vision, which will naturally adapt in time, with further experience and innovation. Its just a matter of time , so to say. I am just here to judge the product and share my vision bout it.

I just read that the grind will change, which is great. In this area in particular for me there ought to be harmony between the goal and the means: the means are the end. Right now there is a good exchange of information on discord – i hope these efforts right now will turn the tides around playability and progression in the near future.

El Whoops

I do prefer the forum too but … i simply have nothing to say.
If i had quit right after my first month and came back now i doubt that i would notice a difference. Surely not in gameplay value.


Their jobs offers arent intresting for this thread

Hence my studious attempt to swing ‘back-on’ with ‘paint’. Still waiting for feedback.

They have their special social vision

There is a connection between those job offers and the desire to consolidate a ‘vision’. Any kind of ‘vision’.
Which will, of course, facilitate ways to alleviate the all-consuming grind. Hopefully.

Entity Progressive

I’d say being able to fly a ship longer than I spend grinding the resources for one has been enjoyable.

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