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heyo i was wondering what the quality stats of the different metals are ment to i dont get it like i had titanium with quality 1 and quality 3 whats the difference? and which one is better

all i found on the wiki was empty tables here


i think that the high are more durable then the lower ones.


Generally speaking, a higher quality material will more positively influence the stat bonuses of a part compared the same material with a lower quality rating. So it’s best to use a material with a higher quality whenever possible.


Each material has its own modifiers to variable stats of objects that are made out of them, i.e. variable types of resistances and performance parameters. These bonuses are applied to base values of the given part as a percentage bonus. Quality rating determines the magnitude of these bonuses, so Quality 1 material will have little to no relative impact compared to Quality 10 material, whose bonuses can easily exceed the base values.


Sorry about the empty tables, there is currently no data I could find for that information so I’m filling it out as I get the resources in game. Keep checking back for more data as I fill the tables out more and message me if you have any questions for me. =)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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