[PVP] JOIN OR DIE Now recruiting!

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so you gonna join Reuben ?

also watch this video it will give you a better idea of who we are


Hello Reuben! I see you have concerns with JOIN OR DIE killing off the game’s player base!

JOIN OR DIE was started on the first of December, here we can see that in the past 23 days the player base has actually increased after our JOINing efforts!

332 average players on the first and 615 average players today!

It seems clear to me that JOIN OR DIE is not in fact killing the player base, but bolstering it with a 100% increase in popularity!


Killer Kitty,
I don’t know why your getting so mad it happens in all pvp games with guilds if you haven’t noticed. Also if your that mad and want to write a bad review than this game dosent need you. BTW Your on a pvp server, your going to lose you ship

Reuben Redsmith

If you watch hard enough, you can see that kinda changes in the player base is very normal to this game, you cant really tell that with 23 day experience based on server lists. You are looking way too close. My consern is based the fact that i havent heard anyone saying “i want that game because of that clan” however, many has quit the game because griefers and toxic players (not talking only about you of course) sure, there might be exceptions too.

And halfblood, again: no. i dont need to watch videos which are probably made to look good, i met ceremor himself and that meeting with him told me all i have to know.

“A group is as weak as its leader is”

Ps. The 100% increase of the players might have something to do with the fact that the game is on sale… And Not really related to JOIN OR DIE.


Actually if you take note of the wider trends you’ll see that the game had been stagnating before the introduction of JOIN OR DIE

Down down down then about even until we hit the scene and now a recent uptick! I’m still not sure where your numbers are to say that JOIN OR DIE is killing the game!

Not to mention JOIN OR DIE’s advocacy has resulted in at least two (2) sales in the past day!

Reuben Redsmith

Btw i actually checked the video. Its actually only proving my point.

Reuben Redsmith

And again, its the steam sales which brings new players, not you. If you really dont have anything to say that would make sense, im out of this conversation. You believe what you believe, ill do the same.

Merry xmas all.


Are you sure?

We here at JOIN OR DIE understand that correlation does not necessarily imply causation but that goes for the Steam sales as well!


Y’know, the thought of attempting to survive with the constant threat of a murderous collective constantly breathing down my neck is only slightly appealing. But I must say, y’all are a bunch of scumbags regardless.

I most likely won’t be joining cause I like the lone wolf life, and as badly as I want to play this game, this guild is acting as a constant deterrent. I’ve been following this game throughout the entirely of it’s development so I was really excited when it released. But y’all are killing it for me.

Tommy Johson

A guild that makes world adrift become the game that have one of the most toxic community. Seriously? This guild is cancerous. New player can’t even enjoy the game anymore, they are forced to join a guild before they even know if the game is good or not. What do you want? Want your guild to be famous for the large number of member and kill World Adrift?


Best way to deal with JOD is join an alliance. Yes You might get shit down by JOD ships, but being in an alliance gives you access to a group of people willing to help you restart, teach you the game, and get revenge for you.

Playing PvP as a solo is gonna be a rough experience.


First of all, it is a shame JOD is a thing. Granted a PVP sandbox weeds out those who aren’t into games like WA.
What we have here is a dramatic evil empire that uses fear to grow in numbers. I think it’s cool that we have an evil alliance that everybody hates and hunts. But it is a shame that they happen to encourage people to give up this game. That said, those who give up would give up at some point because this game turns out to not be for them in the end. I have seen the pants pirates and I thought it was funny. It’s almost like WA PVP requires a derpy sense of humor, you have to be okay with losing it all. Its certainly not the end of your experience if you come across evil people like JOD. Sure their leader may seem like he has problems. But it would make sense that a pvp sandbox leads to the creation of an evil empire like JOD, run by a coercive supervillain

Dont give up WA. Its such a good game and find the fun in vengeance towards JOD.
Also please dont join them. Move on and fight back


I saw your cringey video and it made me hate you guys even more. 10/10 cringe joker-wannabee soy-bois. The fact that so many people quit WA because of you is frightening. Also, you act similar to fascists and that is disgusting. It seems WA is a game where you can finally manifest your antisocial unethical, joker-like-cringe attributes freely because WA is a sandbox made by players. You two have serious problems and it is such a shame we are powerless to stop your bs cringe at the expense of the player base and devs. Honestly, its really sad you guys decide to do this. You have no respect for the sanctity of sandbox games like WA. You should get counseling or even therapy.


After a month of playing, I’m sad to say that 3 of us have already quitted the game because of you guys. Such a shame to ruin newbie’s experienced. And yes, I tried to joined JoD but that would just led to being shot down by other alliances who hate JoD. I guess I’m leaving now too.



wait there’s a resistance alliance?

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