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[PVP] JOIN OR DIE Now recruiting!

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I dont really know what the problem is ive not come across any join or die members but i’ve come across 2 different high tier ships hunting for members of join or die.

Mors Hart

A threat only really works if they have a monopoly on force. More to the point, death is meaningless in Worlds Adrift. Your character retains everything they learn, so anything lost can be regained in a short time. Also, always have a cannon on your ship. Many people are unwilling to try anything if they think there is any chance of retaliation. I also recommend blitzing through the badlands and acquiring the time-bomb schematic, that way you can make every attempt on your life costly. Nothing in Worlds Adrift is irreplaceable, not even your life.


Time-bombs do nothing, better just to blast them with cannon-shot.


It’s a PVP server. They aren’t really mean about it just annoying for players who don’t want to join. I think in the end this will be an interesting story for players on the PVP server. Will they make it, or will their all or nothing approach to recruitment cause other alliances to unite and start clubbing all the lowbies they’re recruiting? Will they be able to provide enough support and protection to those lowbies to keep them in the alliance long for them to get enough knowledge and make it into T4 and the end game pvp? Most likely they will fail as the top tier pvp players destroy anyone sporting the Join or Die logo. But it will be an interesting story.


I think the management of JOIN OR DIE will be targeted, but the people who were “coerced” into joining won’t be the target. One thing for sure is that people inside JOIN OR DIE won’t have to worry about other member of JOIN OR DIE.


Killing me while flying, or even jumping on my ship and destroying it? I am fine with that. Killing people that are building their ship, new, and ordering your people to kill other players while they are building their ships? Disgusting if you ask me


It’s very easy to avoid Huskypaws, just join.

If you join, you don’t die!



I’m well aware people get upset playing the game when they run into people who play differently.

I’m also well aware that in a sandbox this will happen from time to time.


Huskypaws, if you join you can be friends with your brother who’s already with us, Softpaws!

Mors Hart

Alternatively, just hop on the PvE server and feel free to ignore Join or Die.
Simple solution.

Killer Kitty

Huskypaws, if you join you can be friends with your brother who’s already with us, Softpaws!

Uhm no – I quit the game thanks.

Came back just to remove myself from your guild.

Taz Naga

lol not so killer kitty, I advice against playing pvp games lol

I mean really lol.. join a pvp game and cry about an alliance that tells you to join them or they will kill you lol
I mean they could just kill you.
if you join and they hook you up, give you tips.
on stream, they even give tips to people that do not join.

I mean why play a pvp game if you can not handle losing. ‘
every single game that has pvp, guess what it has… pvp! lol

Jon or Die is not actually going around senseless ganking people either lol
they are recruiting.. and if you do not join you are an enemy. so they kill you lol (pvp = player vrs player) fyi

unpredictability is what makes pvp fun.

in fact WA has some mechanics in the game to help you to not get spawn camped in a respawn chamber
A period of immunity (least it seems so) when you revive from your reviver (but spawn camping reviver is how you take a ship so not griefing)
and various other mechanics to help you avoid actual griefing.

I have never seen Join Or Die do any actual griefing on stream
I’ve only seen them do actual pvp

when I ran into them I did not even know how to type in chat.. or even see the chat lol
I looked like a fool… but I don’t care cause it was actually the most fun I’ve had in the game till that point lol.
O and I did not join.. I died 😀


I’m actually fully on board with this guy, if I hadn’t already played more than two hours I’d have gotten a refund
You can try to downplay the issue but it is absolutely decimating this game and I’ll contribute to the reviews that will butcher this game
This is a huge problem and they’re not the only guild being so problematic. The various pirates copycating the guy who got famous for the pants thing and all

I’ll try this again in 6 months, if it’s shit still, I’m completely out and will boycott any future Bossa products while instead recommending competitor’s products

But enjoy servicing the 15 or so people into this mode of play at the expense of the thousands of potentials.

Your choice, obviously.


Hello, Haetius, I’m sorry you had a poor experience with JOIN OR DIE. I assume there may have been some sort of miscommunication if you got the impression that JOIN OR DIE is a problematic group! Perhaps you chose the DIE option instead of JOIN? That’s an easy mistake to make, but you can always change your answer and JOIN and JOIN up with the 145 other very happy current members!!!

Reuben Redsmith

Dear fellow founders and new players.

I met Ceremor’s another character “Zetie Leviathan” (he also has char named “Renamed”) just hour ago. I had just joined this new wipe, (yesterday) i didn’t basically have anything yet, just a small ship. i had heard of this new JOIN OR DIE clan from couple of JOIN OR DIE MEMBERS which were 2 day old newcomers to the game, they had to join it and made new characters so this clan can’t hunt them down for leaving the JOIN OR DIE. I’ve heard lots of complaints from their own clan members. (nothing surprising there)

I know its pvp in a sandbox, so im not really complaining clan like this being in the server, altho i KNOW this affects the popularity of the game A LOT.
I have seen the game develop from the beginning and i know when i see a threat to the game itself, the game had so good community back in the days and now i see its… toxic. and that’s an understatement. Ceremor here himself, were very annoying and clearly has attitude problems… i don’t even have words to describe it. well, in the end he is just some kid/young adult with “helium voice” blackmailing new players to join his “amazing clan”, and if you don’t join, they will sink (grief) your ship before you barely know how to chat in the game.

For me it seems he is bullying smaller and younger players than himself, and where i’m from, that is called cowardly, no one likes guys like that (except the other bullies of course)
Don’t be part of the problem. Be the solution:

I made my point to them how they are ruining beginners fun, its ruined either way, if you don’t want to join but you have to = ruined, if you say no = ruined.
I get the frustration of the new players who have played just couple hours so:

MY ADVICE: Just don’t join. Sure, you may lose your ship; just build new, in this game it’s not so big loss for you. Join large groups who kill members of JOIN OR DIE.
It was also pretty easy to escape them. Flee, Fight back, make their game annoying. don’t submit, they can’t really do to you much if you take that kinda attitude.

I SAID NO, and i didn’t lose my beginner ship, even that they had faster ship, more crew, high tier cannons etc. and if they could have taken my ship, i would have dropped it to the abyss. so they really can’t achieve much anyway.
Say NO to bullies.

I have supported this game long time because once i saw huge potential in it, and i won’t allow some group to destroy it. Actions will be made.

Ps. forgive me, my english isn’t flawless. and ceremor, this isn’t an invite to chat, i know you don’t have anything smart to say anyway and i will probably just ignore it so save your breath. No, this message is for the true devoted players of the WA and for the newcomers who help to get this game to its feet. I thank you for supporting it.


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