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Bossa Kirk

Hi guys!

We’ve finally gone and done it – we’re finally launching a Public Test Server to let all you lovely people get your hands on some seriously fresh new features!


What is the PTS?

The PTS will be a separate server running an early version of a future Worlds Adrift patch. You’ll see future patches on the PTS as well as more theoretical or radical ideas that our team want to try out with the community before working on them further. You’ll be able to log in to a duplicated version of the live world, and mess around to your heart’s content. What happens on the PTS stays on the PTS – meaning no progress or changes to the world will ever get copied back to live. In fact, during the duration of a given PTS version, we may wipe or update it frequently. We’re planning to release a PTS build about two weeks prior to its release to the live servers.

In addition to getting feedback early, your feedback on the PTS will help us find game-breaking bugs, so we can fix them before releasing to live. But since the turnaround is just these two weeks, we won’t realistically be able to fix all bugs that aren’t game-breakers. This does mean that these things will already be logged and ready to fix two weeks sooner than normal (yay!). We’re letting you into the sausage-making process of game development here – you’ll get to see first hand the hard choices between fixing annoying but not game-breaking bugs or shipping a release on time, and unfortunately there’s rarely consensus on the final call!

How do I connect to the PTS?

The PTS is accessible through the beta branch of the game. Right-click on Worlds Adrift in your steam library and click “Properties”.


Navigate to the BETAS tab and select the beta branch from the drop down menu.


Close the dialogue box and allow the game to update. When you next open the game, you should be on the PTS branch of the game!

To return to the main branch simply return to the betas drop down and select ‘NONE’ – the game should then automatically update.

How often can I play on the PTS?

The PTS will be available for roughly 2 week periods* prior to a patch’s scheduled release dates. In addition, progress will be reset with each PTS release, so don’t get too attached to your characters there!

*This schedule is subject to change.

Can I keep items I obtain on the PTS?

No 🙁 The PTS is a seperate server and items and knowledge found there is non-transferable.

Help! I lost my ship/found a bug/had to delete my character!

Unfortunately, due to the unstable nature of the PTS builds, they are completely unsupported. Customer support will not be able to help you if you lose your character or items to a bug or game issue.

Any bugs you find should go in the PTS Bug forums or on the PTS Bugs channel on the Worlds Adrift Discord.

I have some comments/complaints/suggestions to make about a feature that’s on the PTS!

Perfect! All feedback and suggestions regarding work-in-progress PTS features should go here:

Remember! The public test server will be unstable. There may be partially incomplete and broken features, errors and more – be aware of that before you jump in!

In addition, if you break the TOS and Code of Conduct while playing on the PTS you will be banned from the PTS and the main game. So think twice, and play nice <3

Note: on the PTS ONLY exploit abuse is not going to be punished (although if you do not report any exploits you find and then exploit them on live, you will be punished).

Blood Buffy



IS it out?


Not yet, this Tuesday (Aug 14th), apparently.


I am guessing the option for the Beta will appear tomorrow?


Is there a code for it or is it comeing later this day ?

If delayed, till ?


yea when is it coming?


Any more info on when it will be released? I’ve checked a few times and the beta option is still not listed


Slow clap.






@transvestosaurus that was way too fast!


logged in, nothing works

El Whoops

– What’s the maintenance time of the PTS? Because atm RakNet doesn’t respond although the server shows “UP”.
– Why is the bug forum closed?


Currently stuck on this message screen upon Starting up the PTS. No “Click Okay” box or “Join Game” button.


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