People’s Republic of People, now recruiting (Driss PVP)

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Hello all! I am Supreme Immortal Invincible Undeniable President edgycommunist (that’s my ingame name) of the People’s Republic of People. I would like to announce that the People’s Republic is officially recruiting new brave sailors into its ranks! Sounds great, right? I’ll tell you joining requirements here:
-You must have discord to join our server (
-You must name your ships PNN <word>. PNN stands for People’s National Navy.

Here’s a bit more information about us:
The People’s Republic of People is a direct democracy that holds elections for a new president once every 10 billion years. We believe in the will of the people, as long as it does not conflict with the will of the Supreme Immortal Invincible Undeniable President, of course. What about other factions, such as the infamous Join or Die? We don’t want to be Anti-Join or Die, but due to their nature, they may prove a problem to us in the future. (if any high officials in Join or Die see this, please don’t hurt us we don’t want any trouble)

Why should I join, the more cynical of you may be asking. Well here’s what you get for joining…

insert drumroll here

A tag above your name!
I know, we’re too kind.
If you are active and help the group a lot, I may give you the role of Unsupreme Mortal Vulnerable Deniable Advisor in Discord, and you will help plan any secret missions with yours truly.

What are our laws?
Well, they’re all in the Discord Server, so why don’t you hop in and take a look?

Here is our Discord Server: ——-> <——–

To those who do wish to join, I hope you have a good, long healthy life.


Crap I don’t have discord….

Also btw I’m CrazyInsaneGuy believe it or not


discord link is dead

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