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So, Hark Scrumpy (AKA Lamp Boy) was kind enough to load a lamp schematic for me.

I know how this game works, I’m probably gonna end up losing a lamp or two, so I decided to make the most of it…

Even Fenix’s mask glows in the eternal light…

And the view from above, for good measure, thanks to Lamp Boy himself.


After Squiyre wanted to see the ship in action, I decided to rebuild it better than ever, so here’s Golden Beast MKII. Video is coming later tonight, but for now have a tonne of screen shots!

Front of the ship. I like wings.

Another view of the front.

Underside of the ship. Lamps make it glow even when it’s high above.

Back of the ship – the darkest bit.

Side of the ship, with lots of gold shiney bits.

Top Deck.

Back of the ship, looking forward. I use this helm most of the time, as I get a better view around the ship.

The bridge. These crates are just for fuel (Only one is actually used; but it’s nearly full. I keep some ammo in one too, just to be safe. The fuel tanks up here also let me refuel without having to go to the engine room.

Helm view.
Easter egg; a 24-karat gold ship naturally holds 2.4k fuel.

Back of the ship from top deck

The Warehouse; I’m a hoarder, so I store a lot of things.
Chests along the outside are wood (left) and metal (right). Each type has its own two chests (lower and upper), and most of the lower chests are full.
Middle are lore closest (6 full chests), clothing middle and schematics farthest away (Vaguely sorted, but about 5 full chests).

Rear cannon room.

Foreward cannon run.

Central room, mainly just a corridor with some chests.

Front cannon room (The gaps lead down to respawn room)

The bar pipes in the front cannon room. I finally found a good use for bar pipes!

Respawner room, with lower front cannon. The helm in here is in case I ever need to fly blind. It’s also useful if I die, I can quickly stop the ship to avoid mantas etc.

Right side cannon wing.

The only view of the engine rooms from outside – because of the design, this is the best I could cover it neatly.

Back of the engine room. This is usually sealed off, I removed a panel when docked to get in for the picture.

Rest of the engine room. The hole normally isn’t there 🙂
That helm is because when I respawn while the ship is moving, sometimes it throws me in here, and I get stuck. If I use that helm, it teleports me up to the cannon run above, as an escape.

Lift engine and some cores in the engine room. The cores are between the two cannon runs.

Sails: 4
Lamps: 108
Atlas Skycores: 19
Ship frame weight: 6104.28kg
Cannons: 9, fully gold. Exotic; 27.1power, 26.0 fire rate, 19.7 overheat limit.
Wings: 20, gold and gold-aluminium hybrids. 35.0 power, 36.4 pivot speed.
Internal Engines: 9, Magnesium/Tin. Exotic, 57.6 power, 39.3 spin-up, 39.6 fuel efficiency
Lift Engines: 4, Magnesium/Tin. Exotic, 57.6 power, 39.3 spin-up, 39.6 fuel efficiency
External Engines: 12, Gold, Legendary, 58.9 power, 62.8 spinup, 53.6 fuel efficiency
Total ship weight: ~37 tonnes
Top Speed: 12 knots, wind dependant.


The deck was gold, by the way, which was practically glowing from all the lamps. 🙂


Does the color of the metal change for decks and engines based on what it’s made of?


@darklordpaladin for sure bro, every metal has its strength, weight, and color variables.


It does! Right now it’s just a basic color tint, but I believe the aesthetics will evolve as development continues.


Oh! I didn’t know that. You have screenshots of this or know where some are? I’ve only seen iron and maybe copper.

By the way, I’m songofthevoid and did you ever get our discord invite?


Where is the ship? I have to close my eyes every time I look at the picture because its too bright! A truly made ninja ship!


Your ship can’t be seen if it’s too bright to be looked at.

bossa kirk

Almost as much bling as Oliver’s new shoes.

Does this thing actually fly? o.O


Almost as much bling as Oliver’s new shoes.

Part of the inspiration 😉

Does this thing actually fly? o.O

It ascends absolutely fine, that’s as much as I’ve done so far – and it has 4 legendary engines to help with that.
9 more internal legendary engines means it should get at least 5-10 knots though.

I will find out tonight though – tonight’s plan is to head to a nearby Gold/Aluminium island, remake the frame and external engines with gold (Might as well keep the inside as aluminium, as they won’t be seen), then I’ll do all the plating too. Plates are pure white when near this many lamps, so it will be truly blinding then 😀

bossa kirk

If you could make a video of the maiden voyage that would be amazing!


If ever there was a need for double eye patches, here it is!


Holy storage crates!


Holy storage crates!

I call that the Warehouse. Most of the chests don’t have anything in right now, but I hate running out of space…


Don’t worry I didn’t forget to take a video!

After Squiyre requested that I decided to rebuild it, and do it properly. Pictures will be in the main post soon – and I will be live streaming (and videoing) my attempt at a wind wall, and then a storm wall, in about 45 minutes.

(I won’t be talking or anything fancy like that, just a video of me going through and a tour of the ship)

Alternatively, if anyone on EU wishes to join me for this directly, you’re welcome to 🙂 Ping me on Discord.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)

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