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Letters! Suggestion. Intresting concept, read inside.

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So the idea is pretty simple. Tho have a craftable paper on wich you could write a note and leave it in chest or on the ground for future travellers to read. Or something like a sign in all-belovemining and crafting game, that’s it!
For example, you cold leave a warning or just say hi, or write someting like “Please don’t touch, will be back soon!’ next to your ship on the shipyard 😀
Post waht you think about it.


Signs make for clutter, I am in favor of the parchment idea tho.


Indeed, clutter, but that is up for our lovely bossa studios to solve. 😀 The main idea is to be able to communicat through this “time capsule” concept.


I like the idea of crafting paper. I had an idea similar to this: Messenger birds. You would have a ship part called birdcage, it contains a bird that allows you to write letters, should you have the newly added utility: paper crafted, to a specific player. It also has a perch on top for incoming birds. You will only be able to have one cage and the bird physically flies to that player so you have to wait for it to come back. Upon arriving the bird waits a few minutes in case the receiving player wants to reply.


Given that the game is about player interaction I like the idea of being able to leave notes.

Probably a lot of work to implement, though, for not a whole lot of gameplay payoff. If the devs have plans for ingame journaling, adding labels to containers or things like that then adding notes in the process might not be as large a leap.


Yes, yes, that is what i call constructive criticizm. Well, i totally agree that adding lables to chest entities is way easier than creating a whole new item to clutter server’s memory)


Great idea there on birds, but once the radios are in, this would become useless 😛


Signs = clutter? What about 1235 chests around the Golden Chest spam points?


Well, this clutter will be dealt with in 0.1.6
chests will be destroyed on understorm


Letters would be great. As of right now, I see people leaving messages by laying down dozens of chests to form letters. Takes forever to clean them all up, but I can’t stand leaving an island dirty and cluttered.


Interesting ideas proposed.

I’ve gone ahead and moved this post to the Feedback and Suggestion forum; which is best for these types of suggestion posts.

Have a good day 🙂


i do like the naming the chest idea like the text could even be covered up by items in the chest

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