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Knowledge Trees for Non-Procedural Schematics

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Like the current trees that give you procedural engines/wings/weapons, these 2 new trees could provide schematics that are normally found in chests without granting duplicates.

Have one tree be used to unlock equipment for personal use (clothes, fires, gliders, etc.) and another for ship parts (stairs, storage, compass, etc.) Then balance the knowledge cost accordingly.

This would allow people who are lucky with chests to fill out their recipe book and people who aren’t lucky get certain upgrades eventually.

Once you get all of the schematics, the trees are no longer needed and any duplicates received from chests can be salvaged for knowledge to use on the procedural stuff.

I understand why this may cause a few issues, but I still think it would be worth testing out. Thoughts?


Just think that necessary basics like compass or structural (medium and large panels) should be avaible sooner. The rarety of some items are important. I kind of agree that the rng is too much for these basic survival and necessary wall equipment.

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