Improving Weather Barriers

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Blood Buffy

Weather Barriers/Weather Walls were initially designed as progression gates, that the Traveller needs to outmanoeuvre and build a worthy ship that can survive the perilous storms and be ready for what lies in the skies ahead.

Current Weather Walls include Wind Rift (White), Storm Wall (Gray) and Sandstorm Wall (Yellowish-brown). As it currently stands, the Wind Rift is not damaging, but one must learn to manoeuvre through.
The Storm Wall strikes lightning and tears at your ship.
The Sandstorm Wall… applies constant damage to specific ship parts.

Blood Buffy

Initial concepts for Weather Barriers

Blood Buffy

In the future we intend to add more threats and challenges to the existing Storm Wall and Sandstorm Wall to cause more damage to the Travellers themselves, meaning new ship designs will be needed for crossing.

You might recognise this particular gif – it’s not going into the game, but here we were experimenting on how to apply damage to a player. We later decided we wanted to assure more consistency so this was changed.

It’s… a process. >:)

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