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Blood Buffy

Haven introduces our rough draft of a tutorial system in an attempt to make Worlds Adrift more accessible to new players.
It’s very rough around the edges, and will be something we will continue to improve as time goes on. It all takes place in a small sliver of Foundation that is blocked off from the rest of the world. New players will have the chance to take all the time they need to figure out the basics of Worlds before setting off on their adventure. In addition to the tutorial steps, it also serves as a test run for our new quest system. The quest system represents a new idea that has been blossoming slowly on the design team into what we would like to see in the future of Worlds – more information to come about that later.

Blood Buffy

Before the world shattered completely, Saborian and Kioki people fled their crumbling lands on refugee ships towards the last surviving jungle regions of Koinos, where civilisations had not mined Atlas, and thus stayed stable and grounded a little longer. Eventually, of course all the lands were lost, but by then cultures on these surviving refugee ships.

The survivors kept roaming through the skies in these ships for generations and slowly forgetting about their lost cultures. Survivors didn’t know how to maintain or properly repair their ships leaving them to gradually deteriorate. They barely held together by whatever the people had to hand until one by one the vessels would sink into the Abyss or find themselves stranded.

Blood Buffy

A player’s new character starts inside a crashed refugee ship – oblivious to the outside world and wilderness.

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