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I am the type of player who wants to find ever last island in a sector.

I recently glided north through a sector looking for islands, and suddenly my in-game character disappears, and I am stuck with only the ability to rotate the camera. I had to shutdown the game and restart. So I restart, and then I see that little notification in the bottom left hand corner: “Leaving world boundaries! Turn back!” Not like those exclamations actually get your notice.

Even now, knowing to look at the bottom left hand corner, this is of no help. I explore eastward from that rude awakening, hoping to find islands in the sector, and I have to guess where the world boundary is. Remember, your character, while gliding, doesn’t carry a compass so you sort of have to guess where the west-to-east world boundary line is. Well, my guess was off, and my in-game character got zapped, and I had to restart.

Sure, you could use your ship with a compass to skirt along the invisible world boundary, but I figure, if you’re going to have windwalls and stormwalls, and they are pretty unnatural looking to begin with, then why not have something like them, something like a reverse windwall, where the air is drawn upward to signify the world boundary. This could be explained as an upwardly directed heat convection current. It wouldn’t need to be as obvious as a windwall, just noticeable when you’re close to it. This, or something like it, could go a long way in helping players navigate to the edges of a sector looking for every last island.


I like that idea. WA does have a boundary problem unlike other MMOs. Usually the boundary is off a coast and really unreachable. Your idea has merit.


I like the idea, but turning the boundary into a wind wall might not be the best way to communicate “Do Not Enter.” After all, in every other context of the game, walls are an obstacle to overcome. Adding a wall that kills you outright could lead to mixed signals.

One popular way existing games communicate to the player when you’re getting too close to a game boundary is to mess with color–by darkening the screen, making the world black and white, and similar. Would this be a better option for the edge of the world?


I would agree that the way world boundaries are set up right now is not ideal. First time I have experienced it is when I wanted to figure out why there are no islands further down this way. After I have seen message “turn back”, I tried but I wasn’t fast enough to escape and boundaries devoured my ship. It is certainly is surprising to new players and not clear for veterans where the boundaries really are, SPECIALLY when islands would be further apart and you wouldn’t be able to guess it’s a boundary by just noticing there are no islands.



how about having your screen darken as you approach it and then when you get there it sends out extremely powerful pulses of force. the pulse of force would stop your ship in its tracks and throw it back a bit. the first push might knock over the character if you are going fast but once you ship is not moving fast at all the force pulses would do little to the chracter but would slowly push the ship back. These pulses of force would increase in frequency as you get closer to the edge. fi you hit the pulses at an angle it would hit from one directs so if the ship is unattended it will get pushed back until it turns around because of the slight angle of approach.

I am not trying to say anything thing bad about the wind wall idea but the problem is that if it look like a storm or anything that is currently in game people will take it as a challenge and try to overcome it.


Nah man, instead we need something that says “ACCES DENIED!”. Firewalls is where it b at do.


All could simply be fixed with a personal map that could update with your islands discoveries but also show the boundaries and wind walls.


I can’t believe no one pointed it out yet – but this is a ship game, not a glider game. If you glide out of the edge of the map, then that’s quite impressive really for gliding such a distance…

That being said with Alpha 6’s biome update, it will be impossible to reach the edge of the map without owning a ship anyway, and there are plenty of people calling for the glider to have some sort of range limit (which IMO is a very good idea; because it’s a ship game, not a glider game)


It’s a sky sandbox – some will prefer ships, others will opt for gliders for large part of the experience.
There’re too many people saying ‘You can play the game as long as you play it our way‘.

The map edges still need a fix – I came close to losing a ship –
Even with a heading indicator and turning through 180 deg. confusingly the message still showed for a while.

Bossa Kirk

You’re all absolutely right and we have plans to add a super obvious visual cue to indicate world boundaries in a future update.

It’ll be a unique looking wind wall which will push you away with force that no ship can outmatch so you’ll never even reach the edge. 🙂


You’re all absolutely right and we have plans to add a super obvious visual cue to indicate world boundaries in a future update.

It’ll be a unique looking wind wall which will push you away with force that no ship can outmatch so you’ll never even reach the edge. 🙂

Thank you! That sounds like a good soluion, actually.


What about just having the clouds thin out then the air, then the ability to hold altitude. So at the boundry limit you simply enter space.
Go for too long your engines sputter and stop you get really light headed and your ship begins falling. But in this case it starts falling diagonally back toward the core and oxygen. It doesnt kill you unless you were already close to the killing floor.

It would be quite the effect to go from puffy clouds to a star filled sky moving horizontally.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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