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I’d like to see different gliders (size, form, color. May be something else)


If they implement painting your ships (which I think included some mention of being able to paint your own emblems), it’d make sense (and be awesome) if you could customize the pattern on your glider, too.


I’d like to have a glider specifically designed to allow you to hover, like a bird of prey, over a circular area. Currently you can do a bird-circle as I call it, but its tricky and very easy to lose altitude if you turn too sharply and aren’t constantly tapping the ‘s’ key. Having a glider that would make this a bit easier, while perhaps being slower at horizontal movement, would be neat.


What if we had proceduraly generated glider recipes like we do for ship parts? You could find one glider with a low speed but that maintains its altitude where another would let you quickly crash into the ground (or the sky box floor). It’s an idea, though potentially a little over-complicated.

Shneef Fyorgul

All the custom glider ideas are cool but I think it might be neat if there were special parts to give the base glider some extra buffs. like say, extra lift or speed, a jump boost could also be a cool addition to a glider. but these are just my opinions.


How about super fast gliders that lose altitude really fast and really slow gliders that lose altitude really slowly.

I would like to see jump jet gliders. Every x amount of seconds you can activate a rocket boost and gain extra altitude, essentially granting you unlimited flight but really slow and inefficient flight.


Some more Gliders would be really nice.
With the same color as your ship.

I think that will come sooner or later.


If they do add more glider models…What I would like to be able to do is choose which style to craft, rather than leave it to rng.


Leaving it to RNG will promote trading or searching for the desired item. It puts goals into the game. Gives you something to work for.


I’m against any kind of powered glider, have been from the start. It takes the focus away from the ships themselves, it’s already too easy IMO to glide from island to island currently (Luke has mentioned spacing the islands out a bit more in the future so here’s hoping!) with the standard glider but adding one that’s powered would make matters even worse. The glider is meant to be a convenience item, not a replacement for your ship.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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