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It would appear someone, somewhere took to heart the request some folks made to get rid of the Legendary RNG and focus on the tech tree. What I am seeing now is a tech tree focussed game play where you spend a lot of knowledge towards any given character’s end game trying to get that one blueprint you really really want.

This can be problematic if you ever actually ever get that blueprint, but on the other hand it creates a market for players who know a particularly handy blueprint to set up shop putting it in other people’s manufacturing node. And I think maybe that has been the plan all along?

And I guess that is the function of this post. Is that the plan? Because if so, it seems to be working. Does everyone LIKE that plan? Seems to work fine for me, but part of me kind of wants to KNOW that is what we are up to rather than just sort of settling for it and having it suddenly turn out to be something no one likes?

P.S. If this is the plan, I think it would be very handy to be able to put parts in crates. This has been suggested before but I can’t remember what became of the suggestion.


My only feedback currently on the procedural schematics is a suggestion someone else made a few days ago.

Currently, you spend ages gathering the knowledge to eventually unlock a T4 engine or whatever… only to go and find one in a chest. This makes specialising kinda pointless; the suggestion was that you have to of unlocked the relevant tier in order to learn a found schematic.

I get the feeling quite a few people wouldn’t like that though, but I thought it was a great idea to encourage team play 😛


Spending so much time and knowledge should be rewarded; so I like a stronger focus on the value of the tech tree. It also encourages player interaction, whereby people working together can specialize their research and share parts.

Also, if you need the tier researched before you can learn a schematic, I can see lower level players trading schematics for goods and services. They would become a de facto currency. Even if the recipient can’t read the schema either, they might trade for one because they know somebody who can.



“you have to of unlocked the relevant tier in order to learn a found schematic.”

Hmmm. Interesting. I come at it from a different direction though. Once you have gone to every single island, you only get new prints from chests. The knowledge nodes become pointless and much if not most of your “research” is basically just found blueprints. Not my favorite mechanic.

I’d almost rather not get prints from the knowledge tree from chests and have the knowledge nodes recharge than have blueprints from chests. Have the knowledge nodes recharge say once a week? Or maybe 10 days? So that it pays to travel to new nodes, but you never just peak out on knowledge.

Also solves the issue of getting the best blueprints from chests. And if it works like this, and you want to be able to crank blueprints out and sell them, then you need folks to be able to use blueprints they have not researched the appropriate tier for.

That would have been my favorite solution. I just have never been a big fan of the chests having engine, canon, and wing blueprints. But again, at this point I am pretty happy with whatever.

Seth: Interesting as well. I don’t know whether or not people would just stick them in chests for someone else to come get, or burn them, but people with teams would definitely take the good ones to their friends, and a market might eventually develop that way too…. just as you say.


I agree with the need for “knowledge recharge”, although I don’t have personal experience to know how necessary it really is. 3000 islands x 3 databanks each x 30 knowledge = approximately 270,000 points for exploring every island (rough estimate, obviously). And by the time you accomplish that feat, older islands may have been replaced by new ones. So the current knowledge system encourages exploration.


It would appear I did not do the math on that whole total points thing, and while I know many islands have only one or two databanks… if there are 3000 islands I think maybe we’re all good. 75000 points even if they were all 25 each….

I don’t think we have 3000 islands currently though, and that was what was coloring my perception we might run out of research before we ran out of desire to keep making new blueprints. Understand tier 4 engine blueprints eat knowledge fast. Like 600+ or more knowledge? Where’d you get that 3000 island figure? I think we have more like 350. Which kind of brings me back to another thread where folks were talking about wanting low player density, yet we seem to get more player density with each new alpha.


Honestly I can’t remember where I read “3000 islands” but I feel like it was an official source. That was a decrease from Bossa’s original lofty goal of 10,000.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if that was an expansion goal, so that they could add new regions (snow/ice beyond a blizzard wall, or perhaps volcanic islands inside of ash clouds?)


Just wanted to chime in here and say there are currently a little over 500 islands in the alpha.


personally, I like the nodes the way they are but I think we do need some more knowledge sources.

I was thinking of little capsules that spawn randomly after every understorm. these would contain like 5 knowledge maybe 10 and provide a nice steady stream on knowledge, the number of capsules that spawn every storm would change based on tier so tier 1 has 3 whereas a tier 3 has 5. so every understorm in a tier 2 zone you have 4 disapear and 4 surface in different locations.

this give that stead knowledge gain you want without makeing it so that the best knowledge gain per time spent in game is through exploring.


I like exploring and finding treasure, so finding a legendary this way is much more fun to me then rolling the dice on crappy schematics, also to be honest i was starting to get bored of looking for knowledge barrels. I was hoping like some of the fallen rusted ships or shrines would give secret knowledge or something even if its like 5 points or a random spawning knowledge shrine that is gone after one use.

I have a really cool idea how to make legendary items not op, make limited number of uses of the learned schematic then its gone. So it feels really unique, you feel like a jedi with great power but great risk. Someone manages to shoot you down, toe your ship to the dock to scavenge parts, that could be really fun. Same could be done with the exotic engines and something cool like a “legendary skycore?” found in chests etc.

I do hope they pimp out the tech tree, more weapons, loot etc



I am a sim person I guess. I came to the game for the physics sim, and as much as possibly I sort of wish the tech was a sim too. To that end, I wish we had more control over the outcomes of our engines the better our tech tree was developed. Found tech has a place, and maybe what you say about only being able to build so many engines off a found blueprint… because you don’t fully comprehend it, and the incomplete data makes it harder to repro over time or some other made up excuse for why you would not be able to repro it once you made it.

I don’t know. From an immersion standpoint it is hard on me, but it’s not an innately bad game mechanic. I certainly like it for its potential to create a market for rare tech.

Something somehow definitely needs to be done to motivate towing ships to port to scavenge them, or else be able to scavenge them in the air. I think almost any solution is fine by me, but it would FEEL better to me if somehow you could take them apart and stick their parts in a crate. Like have the salvage tool have a setting to detach them from a ship. Put the little mini cores on it so it floats, detach it, drag it close to a crate and then move it into a crate and take it home with you.

Then need a dock to re-attach or anything to do with manufacturing.

Just one of my many fantasies.


Well i suppose they could do a few things, i still really like the toe idea at least early on game would be really useful, fun and interactive. Later in game maybe a dock mechanic/craftable ship item you attach called a docker. Or even use the toe itself when fully reeled in docks, that allows you once docked to be able to shift parts on docked ships. That could be pretty neat.


The idea is good however it disregards solo and duo players. The big clans will be able to completely dominate over solo and duo players as they will have the best ship pieces so making the disadvantage of being solo and duo even bigger. This will more than likely cause those players who like small groups to leave as they wont be able to level their progress without getting destroyed.

Although this can be a good thing as it will make an economy for parts kind of forcing those solo players to interact with those clans to buy the parts they need for there ship improving player interaction however they would have to rely on meeting a friendly clan that doesn’t blitz their airship so it can either turn out to be a good thing or something extremely frustrating.


Funny thing is exploration has always been a small group’s game. People who can scrabble by on few resources are the bread and butter of early game exploration. But yeah, as the game progresses towards an end state, obviously, people who team up will have the advantage. I am not sure I care one way or the other as long as Bossa can actually pull off that thing they said they were going to do expanding the size of the world with its player base. Loners can hover around the periphery of civilization more or less like we always have. 😛

-Rig the Hermit

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