Free to play?

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Probably not, right? Well, it’s worth asking…


Kinda hoping they go with the single buy option instead of free or subscription…


Actually, from what I’ve heard, it is going to be free-to-play. But that was just the word they spread around on their previous website, I’m not sure if it will or won’t change by the time of its release. If it is free, in all likelihood, in order to maintain it, they will probably offer separate bonuses you can purchase, such as extra player models, airship accessories, possibly exclusive permissions, etc.


If it is free to play, I hope the things they charge for aren’t OP, as there is no fun in that. Pay to Win games are just no fun. They could make some Cosmetic items cost money, as yumekitsune said. If they need to make it a single purchase, they should, rather than making it a Pay to Win game, since this game has so much potential.


I would like it if they did a single payment personally, however I wont be complaining however they do it. 😀


I’d like it to be paid ($15-$20) so that there will be VERY little or NO microtransactions. I’m really hyped I just don’t want to see it become shit when I get killed by OP weapons via microtransactions.


A single payment with additional DLCs would be better than f2p


OK, so they need to make money SOMEHOW, right? So as far as I can see, there are three ways that can happen (not mutually exclusive):

Subscriptions (Pay for access to the game, or game features etc., on a re-occurring basis)
Sell the game (Pay for the game, or parts of the game and then you own it. BTP, DLC, etc.)
Cash Shop (Pay for items or buffs in the game)

The real question is how will this game be monitized and how do we WANT the game to be monitized?

For my two cents, I can’t see this game working well with a cash shop (i.e. FTP).


every access fee sub based game operating today has a cash shop. every b2p mmo game today is basically f2p with a box cost on top of it.

give us optional founders packs with optional sub with perks for each (nothing too cheaty!) and not too cheaty cash shop with decent prices and nice cosmetics imo.


I believe that a F2P model would be able to reach more people, and that would help a gain in popularity for an indie game such as this. There are video games with a F2P model with only cosmetic purchases that still do well, and I believe a game as phenomenal as this could pull solely selling cosmetic items off. Personally I really can’t buy many games, so it would be hard for me to play this game if it was subscription-based. I’ve loved the choices of the Worlds Adrift team so far, and I’m sure they’ll find a great way to make money if they decide to go F2P. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for F2P, but if the game is good, it’ll be worth paying for.

ricardo rego

Hey everyone, it’s great to see everyone talking about how they will get the game! We’re busy looking over the options but what we can say is that the game will absolutely not be pay-to-win. We’re a bunch of serious gamers over here so that’s not the way we’re thinking. In fact as we move forward together with you all on this, we’d love to hear feedback and what you guys think, what works, what doesn’t. We know it’s an emotive subject for many but trust us on the pay-to-win side, if we add microtransactions they will be optional and cosmetic only and we’ll find a way to get them to our early fans first. Remember so much of the philosophy of Worlds Adrift is the physical, sandbox and open ended nature – we can’t mess that up!

Building on istateres thread (who also wants us to be able to afford food – thank you!) here’s a few options (not exhaustive but trying to keep it simple). Its tough as realise you guys don’t know what stuff we’d offer yet – we’re working on it 🙂

Let us know your thoughts on each!

1) Free to Play – with optional cosmetic microtransactions and quality of life stuff (like character slots, name resets etc) and optional monthly premium account
2) Pay Once and Play – with optional microtransactions as above
3) Pay Once and Play – with optional microtransactions and optional monthly premium account
4) Straight up monthly Subscription for access


1 2 and 3 are more or less palatable to me ricardo!

holding game access and characters hostage for a monthly ransom isn’t working out for just about anyone these days with maybe 2-3 exceptions total, and you know what they say about exceptions? they prove the rule.


Hello everyone!

My favourite option would be pay once and play (without premium accounts). I just feel premium accounts can make the playerbase feel split – even if they’re all still in the same server there can be a feeling of Us and Them, which isn’t good for a game’s community. (Us and Them should only be between in-game alliances/guilds/whatever.)

My least favourite option would be a monthly subscription, as the feeling of being obliged to play a game each month, or feeling like I’m wasting my money if I’m not playing, eventually leads to a feeling of resentment. If you do go this route, I feel Worlds Adrift is a game I wouldn’t be willing to pay full AAA MMO subscription prices (15 pounds/dollars or so a month) for. Sorry if that sounds like an insult to the game, (it wasn’t meant to be,) but maybe best to give my feelings on this early!
(Random suggestion to put it out there: how about a pay-per-hour scheme, which is capped at the cost of a monthly subscription? If you don’t play that month, or only play a little, you don’t get hit with a full subscription cost; but if you pay 100+ hours in a month you don’t get hit with a massive bill, only the subscription cost.)

On microtransactions, naturally my favourite option is cosmetic stuff and character slots etc. to avoid the dreaded pay-to-win, but I would be okay with some small convenience items for the very start after respawning. I don’t know what you respawn with in Worlds Adrift, but a tedious part of a lot of games is the punching trees phase to get (to use minecraft examples) a stone axe, stone pick, and basic crafting table. Every respawn you have to do the same bit of busywork to get back to the point where you’re, well, actually playing the game. I’d be okay with being able to buy those three items so you have them in your inventory when you respawn, just to cut a little tedium out of the game, but no higher level items (definitely no airship components, for example).

Sorry for the long post, I kept thinking of stuff to waffle about!


I would like a one-time payment to play. If a cash shop is necessary, let it be filled with a bunch of cosmetics and costumes. Nothing that affects gameplay in anything else other than aesthetics.

Maybe let guild/clans/whatever you call them pay to have a banner or something.


I’ve played a bunch of MMOs and often they struggle to get the pay method right. Elder Scrolls Online got close with their b2p with optional micro transactions, but over time those transactions have begun to cost more, and the overall quality of the game has gone down as they listen to the community less and less, furthermore they had premium accounts with an xp bonus that makes the game play like it should, most of their problems related to numbers. So if b2p with micros were to be done the initial payscale for items etc would have to be thought out as something long-term. Like, “what if our full game purchases go down? How will we sustain the game and ourselves?” and “if we charge this much for store things will our players stick with us?”, these questions matter in any paid system I think, but especially in those with an initial purchase.
Another option would be making the game free for a time, letting players get a feel for it before committing, and THEN buying it. That way you’ve got a little more security in having players who’re going to stick with it, because they enjoyed it enough to pay they’re likely to stick around. You could also do a softer approach of this sort where you go f2p and offer premium accounts that make it feel more like you’re playing the full game, this would work better if you told free players that the premium accounts are there for this purpose, and be upfront so they don’t feel cheated.
You could also try making micro transactions grant the player a slight bonus of some sort that lasts indefinitely, not something massive obviously but something that makes them feel a little better about going for a micro, since they’re always annoying I’ve found (both from my own experiences and from what other people say).
I say go for f2p with premium accounts, but make sure to balance it all right so that free players don’t feel screwed over, or understand why the premium accounts are what they are. Balance is the really important thing.

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