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So, I had an idea, for a few of the keys to be sold on the launch of the Founder’s Pack, I’d like to see some keys gifted to youtube personalities, like Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Seananners, and SplatterCatGaming, just to name a few. The boost in knowledge about this game will be exponential, to millions of viewers on a daily basis. Any of those names will give you a good boost in those who’d want to play this, and maybe even more who will talk about it to others, like me.

Either way, definitely look forward to seeing this game come to fruition.


Anyone have the same idea? Anyone want to ammend this too?


Its a good idea, its just a little to early I would think honestly. Maybe after Closed Beta has gotten cleaner. I don’t know how much more is going to change but I assume it’ll be a lot. That said, again I agree with you. And those names would help a lot. Maybe not Pewdipie….


Keep it more to the guys playing games like this (even if there is nothing like this, lol), say building/exploration guys.

channel names:
MisterFlagg (german channel)

But I agree with the grumbling Ghoul, this might have to wait. 🙂


Ya, it probably is a good idea, in that case, Splattercatgaming, and Etalyx are good people, as they do previews of upcoming games in a non let’s play fashion. Another guy I think that might like to show it off is someone like IGP. He’s all about playing games with vague storytelling, and loves to theorycraft, even though he constantly says he hates doing it. When the game is nearly at the end of the closed beta, or even when the closed beta ends, open it up to content creators for essentially free advertising.


I know for a damn fact ill be let’s playing this when I get my hands on it.


Hell’s I’mma get da founders pack an’ continue ta do semi lets plays as I do now.. though Twitch is start’n ta get fun fer me now dat I run wift da guys on EU server


I would use twitch more, but I hate how it always tanks my latency when I’m playing games online, or how I still don’t have a legi way to keep track of the chat.


I actually know AshDubh IRL (I’m in his airsoft team :P) – but stupid as I am it never occurred to me to give him my friend key back in Alpha 5. Then again his audience are mostly younger, so it’s probably a bit early for him to be advertising it yet 😉

But yeah; if they were to give keys to YouTubers/Streamers, they would have to be the kind who knows what an alpha/beta game is – who knows there are bugs and glitches that will randomly kill you and destroy everything you love. Giving them to the wrong people who don’t realise that kind of thing (and don’t make it clear in their videos) could be detrimental.


SnakeFistExplosion is a youtuber who has been playing World’s Adrift weekly on youtube. As far as I can tell, most of his group playing haven’t been on the discord or the forums at all, so sometimes they do really dumb things, but other times they’ve come up with some really clever solutions that I’ve yet to see in the rest of the community.

Anyways, he mentioned something in one of his streams about Bossa contacting him to let him know he’ll be getting a key for closed beta. But I’m not sure if that is true, since I may have misunderstood or he may have misunderstood.


SnakeFistExplosion is hilarious. lol
I like how unprofessional he is with the streams. I’m currently trying to not watch anymore gameplay, because I want the experience to be new for me. But I would love to see one shot videos advertising the game, especially on larger channels. Because then that would mean there would be an inflow of players.


I wonder how youtuber AngryJoe would review Worlds Adrift. He’s definitely a fan of Guns of Icarus.
The link:


There are some small and medium twitch streamers out there who like to cover indie games and small mmos as well and they’ll probably show WA when they learn about it. WA is still flying under the radar mainly and is only covered on some special MMO news sites so far.

Well known MMO news websites also should cover WA more. On there is still 0 forum post and 0 “hype” for example.


Id say let them buy it themselves, they allready earn an obscene amount playing games let them spend their own cash on it.


At the end of the day @vick-viper89 whether you like it or not, popular Youtubers and streamers can reach a lot of people far more quickly than traditional marketing campaigns (TV ads etc.) It costs a developer literally nothing to give keys to content creators. Sure, you could argue that it’s a potential loss in revenue since those people won’t need to buy a key if they’re given one but what’s the cost of a handful of keys when weighed against the potential profit due to the increase in sales those content creators may generate?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)

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