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I wanted to make a thread that would include some of the most Frequently Asked Questions on the Forums as there are a lot of repeated threads. Try not to discuss things here nor add anything unless it really is a FAQ. The moderators will make an effort to keep the posts on the first page of this topic continually updated so newcomers won’t need to wade through the entire thread. We welcome any input, but please understand that we may copy some of your FAQs and paste them here on the front pages for easier access. Thanks!

The Bossa support site now has a FAQ section of their own. Check it out the growing number of help articles here!

NEW! Dev’s stream with Kiwo and answer lots of questions. Summary topic here.
Official development roadmap available here.
PvP Ask Me Anything Stream annotated video summary here

— Early Access Information —
Worlds Adrift is now in Early Access on Steam – but there is still lots of development ahead. Check out the Official Roadmap, and remember constructive criticism is always appreciated on the Feedback & Suggestions forum

Current Version: Closed Beta (Update 26)
Status: In Progress
Duration: TBA.
Info: Patchnotes, Quickstart Guide
Bug Report: Forum for bug reporting (Read the pinned guide and check the Known Issues thread first. You can use forum search to avoid duplicates)
Feedback: Feedback and Suggestions Forum, or press the “Feedback” button while in-game!

Q: How do I get this game?
A: You will need to buy either the Standard Edition ($24.99 / £19.49 / €22.99), or the Pioneer Edition ($39.99/ £30.99 / €36.99). These are available on Steam, the Official Storeplace, as well as a few other digital outlets. All the official storeplaces, and information about the launch is available in this article

Q: Not available in my region?
A: The game should be available worldwide, although originally it was limited. However, Bossa still only have servers setup in EU and US. More are expected to be added over time.

Q: Will the price be lowered?
A: There are currently two pricing tiers: the Standard Edition ($24.99 / £19.49 / €22.99) or the Pioneer Edition with exclusive content ($39.99/ £30.99 / €36.99). It is not confirmed whether this will be reduced further in the future.

Q: Can I upgrade my tier of Founder’s Pack?
A: Not anymore, Founders Packs were removed from sale when the game launched into Early Access. All Founders did get the benefits from the Pioneer pack however.

Q: Can I upgrade from Standard to Pioneer?
A: Yes, This is possible through a link on the Official Storeplace. A small button allows this for $14.99 / £11.49 / €13.99. This article has some more information.

Q: I can’t log in! Are the servers down?!
A: Everyday the servers have scheduled maintenance, this lasts 1 hour from 12:00 BST. Use This tool to convert to your local timezone. In addition the login servers go down 30 mins before the game servers. It is not recommended to make any major changes while in-game during this point.
If it is not usually maintenance time, check the forum pins, twitter, this fan-made Server Status website or even the Community Discord for more “live” updates.

Q: Can I stream the game, or post pictures/videos about it?
A: Yes! There used to be a Non-Disclosure Agreement, but that was dropped ages ago.

Q: I found a bug!
A: Great! First check on the Known Issues thread, and the recent posts in case it has been reported before. If not let Bossa know on the Bug Reporting forum. Be sure to follow the template they have here for reporting bugs.

Alphas: [1] [2] [3] [4] [4.1] [4.2] [5.0] [5.1] [5.2] [5.3] [0.0.6] [] []
Closed Beta: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
Open Beta (Early Access): [] []

— Forum Information —
We have a list of forum rules. Please read (and follow) them!

Q: How do I post pictures?
A: The image must already be hosted somewhere online, so you have to link to it (be careful with hotlinking). Using image hosting sties like Photobucket or Imgur, you can just post the regular URL to the image/album and the forum will automatically embed it for you. The IMG tags on this forum can also be used, but for them you must supply the direct URL to the actual image file (right click the picture and choose “view image” or “copy image location”. Old example here. Newer video here.

Q: How do I post videos?
A: Just paste the URL like normal text. The forum will automatically convert it into an embedded video!

Q: Is there a forum search function?
A: Yes. Right here. (Also found on the main forums list page)

— General Game Information —

Worlds Adrift is an unscripted, sandbox game with full real-time physics, crafting and survival elements, set in an online open-world that is permanently changed by players’ every actions. There are no preset quests, towns, NPCs, or final boss. Everything is influenced and moved by the players themselves. Players will construct their own sky ships to explore the world which has mysteriously been shattered into floating islands. It is entirely up to the player to set their own goals, and make their own legacy.

Q: So what’s this game about?
A: Whatever you want. It’s a blank canvas, a true sandbox: Bossa provides us with the setting and game mechanics. From there, it’s entirely up to us what we do with this world. Player interaction is a big driving force in this game.

Q: Is there PvP or PvE?
A: Worlds Adrift is a PvP game. There are PvE elements, but due to the free form open nature of the world, PvP is naturally a major aspect of it.

Q: Is there any kind of story or end-goal?
A: There is a backstory players can try to uncover on how the world came to be in is current state, but after that, no. Moving forward the “story” of Worlds Adrift will be created by the players through the simple act of playing and existing in the world. There are no end-goals other than what each individual chooses to set for him or herself. The lack of set goals and objectives are meant to foster truly emergent gameplay. This coupled with the persistence and networked physics mechanics means it really is entirely free-form as to what any player can actually hope to achieve in the game.

Q: Networked Physics?
A: Everyone online will experience the same physics simulation of the world at the same time! And everything in this game has physics. EVERYTHING. From the humble cannon ball or crossbow bolt, to the mightiest of airships lumbering through the sky. All of it will use realistic physics to create a truly unique experience every time.

Q: Persistence?
A: Most things in the game world are permanent: from cut down trees, to constructed items. If you were to blow up an airship, its debris would rain down and come to rest on the islands below. Every last scrap, no matter how small, would remain where it landed until reclaimed by other players (with some concessions made for performance reasons). If left alone long enough, the debris may even being to show signs of rust and decay. Even the animals will persist by living out natural life cycles, giving birth to new generations, and dying. They are never just spawned in or out. The world runs 24/7 even when no one is around, and every action tangibly alters it.

— Release Information —

Q: When is the game coming out? Release dates?
A: The game entered official Early Access on May 17’th, 2018. There is not date yet for full release.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: From the steam page
OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit versions)
Processor: Intel i5-2400, AMD FX-8320 (min) | Intel i7-2600K, AMD FX-8350 (recommended)
Memory: 8 GB RAM (min) | 16 GB RAM (recommended)
Graphics: GTX 460 SE, AMD R7 250 (min) | GTX 960, AMD R9 280 (recommended)
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 20 GB available space

Q: What platforms will this be for? Steam? Any game consoles?
A: Windows, MAC, and maybe Linux – all via Steam. No console support planned..
There is no timeline for MAC at this point.

Q: What’s the pay model?
A: Pay once and play (with micro-transactions). Not F2P. No Subscriptions.

Q: Will there be any special incentives or gear for early adopters?
A: Yes, there are various packs (listed as DLC) which contain special cosmetic content for early adopters. Prior to Early Access, there were three different tiers of Founders Packs. As the game enters Early Access, the Founder Packs have been discontinued and replaced with the Standard pack and Pioneer pack.

Q: Pay to win?
A: NO! All purchasable items are cosmetic/convenience and provide no advantage to gameplay.

Q: Can purchased items be lost/stolen like regular inventory items and ship parts?
A: Purchased inventory items and equipment will be stored in a special inventory screen (stash) so it won’t ever be lost. For physical parts you craft, you would purchase the schematic – enabling you to rebuild the parts should they be lost in-world. [source]

Q: How can I find more information about the game?
A: Check out the official Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Wiki, Youtube, Twitch, and Instagram (Bossa|Worlds Adrift)!

— New Player FAQs —

New: Official Worlds Adrift Video Tutorials!

Q: What am I supposed to do?
A: Start out by collecting knowledge. You will use this to learn how to make ships to start exploring the world. Find knowledge by scanning objects (hotbar #4). Look out for rusted cylindrical databanks as they give the most knowledge. Once you have enough, Press tab and go to the Knowledge screen. Learn the shipbuilding tree. This will let you start building ships (new crafting schematic options will be opened up). Scouring islands for treasure chests that may contain part schematics is also important.

Q: How do I build a ship?
A: Ship frames are constructed from the shipyard object. Ship parts are constructed from the assembly station object. Construct both of those objects and place them on the ground. Interact with them (using E) to bring up their interfaces.

Q: How do I get resources?
A: Use your salvage gauntlet (hotbar #1) on trees to harvest wood, on specific metal canisters to get fuel, and on specific cracked rocks (ore nodes) to get metal. Ore nodes break apart when hit with the salvage tool. You can snipe the metal scrap without destroying the node completely (helpful for mining stuff under the islands). Ore and fuel nodes can be found randomly all over the island and new ones get unearthed when the island is hit by periodic lightning storms. You can also salvage constructed items as well.

Q: How do I make engines work?
A: Engines need a support component: the Generator to hold fuel. You unlock the generator schematic when you learn the first tier engine from the knowledge tree (though you can also randomly find a schematic for it as well). Make sure the propellers are facing forward. If you are having a hard time getting enough knowledge, you can always use sails as a substitute.

Q: How do I use sails? The wind isn’t blowing in the direction I want?
A: Sails work semi-realistically in that you need to angle the ship such that the sail catches the wind. The sails, helm, and wind have visual cues to show the direction the wind is blowing in. If the winds aren’t going the way you want, you’ll have to tack/beat (zigzag) similar to in real life. Also, the wind does change directions over time.

Q: My ship won’t fly, it’s too heavy?
A: The starting sykcore can only lift about 1000 kg, so you’re going to have to be careful with the weight when you start out. The shipyard and assembly station will give you a preview of the resulting frame/part prior to crafting. Different materials have different weights. The shipyard will also show the weight of a docked ship when inspected. You can scan parts with the scanner tool (#4) to see their weight also.

— Unorganized (to be moved) FAQs —

Q: Will there be any in-game money or currency?
A: No. It’s a trade and barter economy.

Q: Can we write to in-game books/journals to record our adventures?
A: Eventually, yes.

Q: Skywhales?
A: YES!!!! Still a work in progress though.

Q: Can we tame animals as pets?
A: No, taming of animals is not planned at this time.

Q: Will there be NPCs?
A: Only the wildlife. No human NPCs or AI controlled ships. It’s up to us, the players, to populate the world!

Q: Voice chat?
A: Yes, distance based voice chat is planned. Though it may be some time before it’s implemented.

Q: Radios?
A: Yes. Radios will be used for a form of long-range communication. There won’t be a global chat.

Q: Can you toggle first and third person views?
A: Yes you can toggle it when on foot by pressing V. But piloting will remain first person only.

Q: Will there be telescopes or spyglasses?
A: Confirmed to be planned here (a third of the way down in the post).

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Q: Will every player be on one large server or be split into multiple servers?
A: The goal is to have one large server for each major geographical region of the world (Asia, Europe, North America, etc).

Q: Will there be server instancing?
A: No. The game world will be one big expanse shared by everyone on the same continent.

Q: Will we be able to choose which server region we connect to?
A: Quite possibly yes. Though game performance may be affected…

Q: Will there be an offline mode?
A: No. Player interaction (direct and indirect) is a core part of the experience. (But you can still play solo online by avoiding people)

Q: Can we host private servers?
A: Probably not, for the same reasons there most likely won’t be an offline mode.


Q: How big is the world going to be?
A: Thousands of kilometers across and several kilometers tall with the ability to expand as needed.

Q: Will there be visible borders at the edges of the world?
A: There isn’t one at the moment, but there will be in the future. A big obvious visual cue like a special impassable wind wall.

Q: How many islands will be in the game?
A: Bossa is hoping to have around ten thousand when the game officially launches, and expand further as the world/population grows. (The number will be much much lower during the alpha, beta, and early access phases).

Q: Is there a surface to the world?
A: Maybe. A developer’s comment on youtube indicates one idea is that the planet’s exposed core lies beneath the miles of clouds. This may change.

Q: What happens if I fall too far?
A: You die. Currently it’s attributed to the extreme heat and pressure down there. (See comment by developer Henrique Olifiers here.)

Q: Is their a ceiling to the world?
A: Yes. Airships will likely have limits to keep people form ascending out of the world.

Q: What happens if I ascend too high?
A: Past a certain point, the air becomes too thin to breathe, and conventional engines fail to push the ship. Post release, added equipment may help overcome that…

Q: Can we make our own in-game maps?
A: Yes. Maps will be drawn by players in-game, and will somehow be able to be traded and collaborated on.

Q: Will there be an official coordinate system for mappers?
A: No.

Q: Will there be safezones?
A: Not officially. The world is said to be totally free form sandbox with few rules restricting players in their interactions. At the same time, Bossa will do everything in their power to prevent the game from devolving into a nonstop grief-fest. See this blog post. However, the planned skyports may offer some form of protection – albeit temporary. See this summary thread

Q: Can we move, drag, or push the islands in any way in-game?
A: No. Islands generally can’t move. However they can be dropped (and replaced) by the devs after being barren for a long time. This will be a rare occurrence.

Q: Will there be water? Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, etc?
A: Water is planned, and has had some preliminary work done… but it is not a priority and won’t be available at initial release.
UPDATE: Sneak peek of the week!

Q: Will there be localized weather/storms?
A: Yes. It will play a huge part in the game. An actual weather system is running under the hood.
New: a preview of what could possibly be localized storms! [1] [2]

Q: Will there be different kinds of island types? Biomes?
A: Yes, there will be different biomes. These will be separated by more static weather barriers that act as soft gates to divide areas.

Q: Can we modify or dig into the terrain?
A: Was once under consideration, but at this point probably not. However, Bossa has released an Island Creator tool which will allow anyone to design their own custom island. It’s integrated into the Steam Workshop and the community can vote on popular islands to be included in the actual game! More info here. Dedicated subforum here.


Q: Will the Island Creator have a co-op or multiplayer mode to let people work on islands together?
A: No.

Q: Will there be a way to share custom object groups?
A: Yes, via the steam workshop

Q: Why isn’t the glider available in the Island Creator’s preview mode?
A: The glider is supposed to be rare. Bossa doesn’t want people assuming it’s standard equipment (because it’s not).

Q: How big can an island be?
A: The work area within the tool is 1 kilometer wide, long, and deep. You cannot move props, or extrude land beyond that.

Q: How are islands selected to be put into the game?
A: Popular, highly rated, well built islands, that feel like they could fit into the world theme often have the best chance.

Q: Will Bossa ignore my island if I don’t have multiple preview pictures of it?
A: No. Nearly every island is manually vetted by Bossa staff. That said, having more pictures and/or videos is encouraged! But Bossa won’t ignore an island just because it has few preview pictures.

Q: If my island is accepted into the game, can I still make updates to it?
A: Yes. After you have made significant changes/updates to your island, you may contact Bossa at [email protected] to have them reevaluate and potentially re-upload your island into the game. But be careful with this! Don’t spam them with tiny changes! In the future, a more automated system may be put in place.

Q: Will we be able to add interactive elements/puzzles/traps to our islands? Can we make dungeons?
A: Interactive elements are planned. A turret hazard was recently previewed. Devs have also mentioned a variant of a wiring system may be added down the line. But it should be noted that this is intended for simpler things, not full WoW like dungeons with unique bosses and creatures etc.


Great work @day0x, very useful 🙂


Q: What is Bossa doing to help minimize griefing abuse?
A: Lots! Here is an incomplete list of the anti-grief measures being developed (or under consideration)…

– Salvage tool will be heavily nerfed against attached ship parts, and easy to interrupt.
– Salvage tool might be disabled when in an unregistered shipyard bubble.
– Salvaging will reduce mobility, even while swinging on grapple. (mentioned in a past stream. Link pending)
– Ability to cut the grapple line of other players.
– Revival chambers won’t be on every island, and will not spawn players on already occupied islands.
– Nearby revival chambers will have a stacking delay for repeated uses.
– Random revivals will be limited to the local area and have only two uses per day.
– Using a nearby/random revival chamber will sever your connection to your personal revival pad (and your ship!)
– Personal revival pads might continue to function after being critically damaged.
Shipyard bubble will be less conspicuous.
– Shipyards have lock codes, allowing edit access only to those who have the code.
– A lock item will be added to ship parts (like storage containers, helms, etc).
– More combat options, melee, unarmed, and better accuracy for ranged.
– Bombs will be much less effective against ships. Require more time to place, easier to interrupt and disarm.
– There might be more anti-personnel ship mounted weapons.
Bombs will be created one at a time, will cost more, and won’t stack.
Gliders will only be effective for short range, and will have more strict aerodynamics.
The belt, now determines what a player keeps when they die. Small separate inventory space for anything, equipped or not.



Q: Can we build custom ships?
A: Yes! We shape the hulls with a simplified in-game editor tool. Other parts (cannons, engines, etc) are pre-made assets we attach wherever we want.

Q: Will there be an external shipbuilding tool similar to the Island Creator?
A: No. Experimenting with ship builds is a massive part of the game.

Q: Will we be able to build ship interiors and rooms?
A: Yes! This is one of the reasons the current ship designer mechanic doesn’t allow for side extrusions – it makes having interior layouts more possible.

Q: Will we have furniture to decorate our ships with?
A: Yes. Cosmetic items like figureheads and photo frames have been mentioned, as well as functional items like map tables being planned. Was also re-confirmed by the devs recently on the WA discord. Even more recently, the devs mentioned that furniture will be different from ship parts: able to be moved around the ship without a shipyard.

Q: Can we make multiple decks/levels inside our ships?
A: Yes. Decks are automatically generated inside with a set distance between vertically adjacent sections. We can remove flooring to create taller areas in full deck increments (ex: a 2-deck high room, or 3-deck, or 4-deck, etc). It is possible to make sections “shorter” providing you line the edges up perfectly and don’t have any vertical extrusions off that deck section.

Q: Will it be possible to operate a ship by myself?
A: Yes… but obviously things will be more efficient with a crew – especially for larger vessels. Solo players might want to design their ships to be compact so they can quickly move from one station (helm, cannon, etc) to another. A wiring system is also being considered (see further down).

Q: How will ship ownership work?
A: Ships have a very lose sense of ownership. They recognize their crew/owners only through the Personal Revival pads installed on them. You must manually register yourself to a pad before it will work (one player per device and one device per player).

Q: Is there any way to prevent random people from flying off with my ship?
A: You will be able to attach a lock on most interact-able objects (chest, helms, etc.) which will only allow access if you know the secret keycode.

Q: Is there any way to prevent random people from editing my ship while it’s docked at a shipyard?
A: Shipyards also have a built in lock. Only by knowing the secret keycode will your multitool have free edit access to the docked ship. Beware that the ship is still vulnerable to conventional damage.

Q: What happens to my ship when I log off?
A: Ships log out after the last registered crew member logs off and nothing interacts with it for a few minutes. If the ship has no assigned Personal Revival pads installed, it remains in-world forever until destroyed or claimed.

Q: Will ships and ship parts visibly show when they take damage?
A: Yes and yes.

Q: Can I save/restore ships if lost?
A: Yes – but for hull shapes only. You must manually redo armor, component construction and placement.

Q: Will there be a way to share ship designs?
A: Possibly in-game through schematics. No plans for external sharing of schematics (like steam workshop with islands).

Q: How big can ships be?
A: Possibly hundreds of meters long. The quality of shipyard used may also affect size limits.

Q: How small can ships be?
A: Presumably small enough to can carry the minimum components needed (core, generator, helm, engine/sail).

Q: Can ships carry other ships like carriers or motherships?
A: Undecided, but the developers have thought about it. Weight would be a very important factor.

Q: Will there be a way to link ships together?
A: Harpoons are planned. Other types of connectors are discussed (but not confirmed) here.

Q: Can I only build ships? What about making floating bases?
A: Ships only – they are your home/base. However, since we can freely shape the ship any way we want, there is nothing stopping us from making a huge floating base out of one or more ship hulls!

Q: Can I build on land?
A: Only a few things can be placed on land (shipyard, crafting stations, etc). You can’t build structures on land directly, but if you are clever about it, you may find loopholes

Q: Custom sigils/emblems/banners/logos?
A: Yes. Able to be placed on flags, clothing, hull panels, and even items. More info on the Emblem Creator here!

Q: Can we draw our own custom flags?
A: Unlikely. Instead we will have the emblem system mentioned above. Free form flag design contests may happen periodically though.

Q: Painting on ships?
A: Yes. Hull plates have an optional slot for specifying overall color and the emblem stencil.

Q: Can we name our ships?
A: Yes. There will be an official naming system. Duplicate names are allowed.

Q: Fuel?
A: It used to be Eggs. But that may be changing

Q: Will there be different sails?
A: Yes. Eventually they will have procedural stats and have different designs. Side mounted sails confirmed.

Q: Do I need to worry about aerodynamics when shipbuilding?
A: Not really. The flight model is very forgiving.

Q: Can ships fly without cores?
A: Possibly!

Q: Do ships have a maximum top speed?
A: Technically yes. More engines = more speed, but there are rapidly diminishing returns unless you are adding significantly more powerful engines.



Q: How does crafting work?
A: All things are built from schematics. Players find (or generate) schematics as inventory items and then must “learn” them. Once learned, you will have the ability to craft the thing at an appropriate crafting station. There is a limit to how many schematics a player can maintain at one time.

Q: How do I generate schematics?
A: Through the Knowledge system. Players accumulate knowledge by exploring/scanning/photographing ruins and creatures, and reading bits of lore they may find. Once enough knowledge is gained, it can be converted into a schematic item. Latest video on it here!

Q: Does learning a schematic consume it?
A: Yes. Schematics start out as inventory items and are able to be traded/lost/stolen up until you learn them and commit them to your character’s (multitool’s?) “memory”. After learning it, it’s yours forever and can’t be lost… unless you decide to “forget” it to make room for a different learned schematic. Once learned, you cannot convert it back to an inventory item.

Q: What crafting stations are available?
A: Currently three have been shown: a generic crafting station (mostly for ship parts), a shipyard (for a ship’s hull/frame), and the player’s inventory screen (for small personal items).

Q: Are there different tiers of items?
A: Yes. Better schematics generally produce better parts. The current tiers are common, uncommon, rare, pristine, exotic, and legendary. However, the type and quality of raw materials used in construction will greatly affect the resulting item’s stats and performance. So there can be much variation between items created from the same schematic.

Q: Can I customize the items I build?
A: Yes. The raw materials used in construction will affect the stats, color, and size. Optional slots for paint and emblems will also exist. Note that the visual shape and style of the item will be randomly generated based on the schematic.

Q: What kinds of resources will we have?
A: Lots! Metals, woods, fuels, atlas stones, dyes, and have been seen in the various previews. More are coming.

Q: Will there be different tiers of resources?
A: Yes. Presently, there are 15 types of metal and 12 types of wood – with more planned for the future. Each type will have additional properties which may be better suited for different applications. All items will have a range of quality ratings as well. Even low quality stuff will have its uses!

Q: Can I mix or combine different qualities of resources?
A: Yes for stacks in inventory. But when crafting, you must use the same material/quality for a given component slot.

Q: Will there be any kind of mechanics for custom contraptions?
A: The possibility of a wiring system to link various things (like cannons) to be operated by buttons is being explored. Mentioned again here (26:25).

Q: With this wiring system, can we make dungeons?
A: Further down the line, the devs have said a very similar system may be added to the Island Creator to support interactive mechanism on islands. Source (42:45). However this is not geared towards creating huge elaborate dungeons… Additionally, players will not be able to create full WoW like experiences with unique bosses and creatures etc. That’s not the focus.


Q: Will we have multiple characters?
A: Yes. The idea seems to be multiple characters for different play styles (so you could play solo without endangering a shared ship if none of your other crew are around).

Q: Customized characters?
A: Yes. Eventually there will be a character creator screen. You’ll be able to choose different genders, hairstyles, skin color, faces, scars, body types, heights, and ages.

Q: Customized clothing?
A: Yes. Made up of multiple component pieces you can mix, match, dye different colors and even apply custom emblems too. Also includes jewelry, eye patches, face paint. Clothing will also be important for hazardous environments. Any article can be worn by either gender.

Q: Will there be player-based combat?
A: Yes. Players can fight unarmed or use ranged or melee weapons. Melee combat is said to take inspiration from Jedi Knight II. Dual wielding is also in the works.

Q: Are two handed weapons (ranged and melee) planned?
A: Yes. You won’t be able to grapple until you put the two handed weapon away.

Q: Will weapons have alt functions?
A: Quite possibly. The right mouse button will be repurposed for secondary functions in many cases.

Q: What kind of ranged weapons will we see?
A: Pistols, shotguns and rifles are said to be planned. No automatics.

Q: What kind of utility equipment will we see?
A: Very little has been seen so far. Gliders are one obvious item. Goggles are another (to prevent getting blinded in sandstorms), and belt mounted lanterns were also said to be planned. (Mentioned by Eternz in WA discord 05/11/2017)

Q: Will there be hunger/thirst or food?
A: No hunger/thirst. The survival aspect is geared more towards your ship (keep it repaired, fueled, etc). Food will be used to facilitate regeneration of player health. But there won’t be any kind of starvation mechanic.

Q: How will food work?
A: Players will harvest various meats and plants. Eating the item will cause the player to regenerate health over a period of time. Cooking some items at campfires can improve their regenerative effect. There will eventually be an entire knowledge tree dedicated to cooking. (source 32:40)

Q: Are there classes, skills, levels, or XP?
A: No. Abilities like grappling, piloting, aiming, etc are based on how skillfully you, the player, can manipulate the controls. It will be up to the players to practice and choose what schematics to specialize in, and create roles for themselves.

Q: How does player spawning work?
A: Initially at an ancient Revival Chamber. You can also build portable Personal Reviver pads to attach to ships. Upon death you will be given the option to respawn at your pad if it exists, or a nearby/random revival chamber. Be warned: using a chamber will sever you connection to your personal revival pad (and ship). Repeated chamber uses incur an increasing respawn delay, and random respawns are limited to two times a day.

Q: Can the beacon system be used to teleport around the world?
A: No, beacon uses will have long delays and limited total uses. Using the beacon also wipes your inventory. This is only meant to help friends/crews meet up initially. After that, it’s on you to stay together.

Q: Does the game remember my last known position, even if it was on a ship which I am not a crew member of?
A: Not right now, but eventually. The plan is that as long as the ship still exists and is still online, you will be logged back in at the same relative location. Even if the ship has moved while you were away. If the ship is offline/destroyed and you’re not a crew member of it, then you’ll be redirected to an Ancient Respawner. Source (13:25) video missing – need to find the re-uploaded on on youtube

Q: Is there a way to form teams, groups, factions, or alliances?
A: Yes, an alliance system is in the works. Planned to have team chat, emblem editor and even different ranks. Each alliance also gets its own public and private forum here on the site! More info here. Dedicated subforum(s) here.

Q: What’s the difference between crews and alliances?
A: Crews are temporary 5 person groups. They are separate from alliances (which are not yet implemented in-game). Crews do not have any relation to the Personal Revival pads you install on ships.


Q: What platforms is this going to be on, if yet even announced?


Q: What is the specific release date of the final build( if it is even confirmed)?

Q:Will there be an open beta/pre-release?


(If I’m not wrong):

There’s no specific release date.

There’s no confirmed plans for beta.


@mrcrumpets @janeator Indeed there’s no specific release date yet, we know it’ll launch in 2016 and will enter early access first. There are plans for a closed beta as confirmed in this post (I’d imagine early access will serve the same purpose as an open beta would).




So if the ships despawn, what if you log back on? Would you have to build a new ship, or would it respawn next to you (or under you) when you log back on?


If it ever comes to consoles, then perhaps people on console & PC could play in the same world, that would be cool


I really hope they have Early Access or open beta, that way before the final release the Community could give (possibly) invaluble feedback to improve the game, report certian bugs, etc.

Personally, I like the idea of early access games, as it gives devs time to add more content, fix bugs, etc.


@vizthex The ship will re-appear when a member of the crew who’s assigned to a respawner on the ship logs back in. As for cross-platform play; In my opinion it’s unlikely due to hurdles I have mentioned in a previous discussion on the matter..


@strite Ok, I was expecting no cross-platform, but at least we can get our ships back easy…


Q. How powerful must your computer be to play worlds adrift?

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