Exploit with inventory systems.

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Version: Update 29.3
Severity: Low
Repeatable: Yes
Location: any player or storage inventory.
Result: exploit that allows a player to lap 2 items across one another.

note: This bug/exploit can be performed both vertically and horizontally.

The simple way to perform this is with 2 stacks of ‘Atlas Shards’ (Though it can be done with any 2 stacks of items with *similar Size*) Like in the image below.


Next step is to pick up the altas shard on the left (the right stack will not allow the bug to execute.) Then right click to rotate the item and prepare to drop the item in the inventory so that half of the item overlaps the top half of the other atlas shard stack. See image for reference.


Assuming all steps have been executed correctly, you should have 2 stacks of atlas shards that should take up 4 inventory blocks, but only in fact take up 3. See image below for reference.


I discovered this bug in the PVE Kubo world in sector ‘A5’.
island: Eggshell (Kioki Wilderness 2)
by: Synovus
I was on my ship which was docked at a shipyard. Though I believe these points will prove to be irrelevant to the bug.

I hope this bug report proves useful and other readers can replicate it for themselves. I have managed to do this exploit with stacks of wood and many other items that are none-square. I have one final reference image to display different types of results i have achieved with this bug.



Since I posted this bug report. I have obviously been playing around with it and exploring different ways I can use this effect to benefit me. I will post a few screenshots below and you can see the different results I’ve received:

Bossa Strite

Hi @meeky,

Thanks for reporting this.

I can confirm that this will be fixed in update 30 🙂


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