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I am back to being a pirate i can’t help it 😛

Pirates: Threat Level:
Mouns Medium
Obinsky Medium
Veteraaan Medium
GG Low
Edeka Low
Bauciekarf Low
Stolejohn Low
Kirsten Birgit Low
Naaiers Low
Drac Low
Audemars Low
Fjollan ( High
Skin High
Biggy Fitz Low
Falvens Low
dertyphalt Low
Majormyif Low
Iridann Low
Bershul Low
islamo Low
Polk Medium
Bastian Regeinland Low
chilivision ( High
Mad_Vic High
Zwizzer ( High
Darkcarnival High
Eranok Medium
Uroy Medium
Smebby Low
Galfelape Low
Rafu Low
OldManBilly High


Enemies of my enemies are friends.


@fogtripper I am your enemy or them? xD

For anyone who will see this i am no longer a pirate and i am now leader of the Alliance Pirates Bane


Turning over a new leaf or attempting to distance yourself from earned reputation?
Neither are my enemy at the moment, seeing as I switched to US East yesterday.


I just think its much more fun to defend than to attack and more challenging.


Yes there was a big ship blowing up people trying to build there ship when i started playing silly stay out of the noob area fricken wussys


We just came across another group of pirates they were lurking around our ship while we were salvaging metal so i told them if they are pirates and want to try it then go ahead so i put the ship in the air and one of them grappled onto our ship and shot one engine off so i killed him and then Mebrilia (Ex pirate) glided down and destroyed their ship when they tried to escape

Pirates on this occasion:


Ahh that sweet steel glove of justice

x arjuna x

Pirates i know so far:
Veteraaan (He stole Pixxelkillers ship and rammed it into mine… few scratches and a mess, but the other ship… omg.

Polk, a female thief… left my ship intact but robbed me…


Ahh Polk we have destroyed her before

@x arjuna X would you like to join Pirates Bane alliance?

x arjuna x

@Rafu I was thinking about it… but i’m still learning the game, collecting knowledge and not really ready for full on pvp yet. at the moment i’m playing as explorer/trader solo style. But i’m happy to share information… But thx for the invite anyway

Ahh Polk we have destroyed her before

Nice to hear… lol.

The other thing is: this scam hit me deeply. I’m on full alert all the time and i don’t trust easy anymore. Ex-pirates who are now hunting pirates? Possible, yes. maybe… ^^

In which sector are you roaming around?


@x arjuna x right now im in t1 remade my character cause i was bored xD

x arjuna x

@Rafu which sector?


Not too sure i have never looked at the map i am in the one that has 2 big flat green islands by the looks of it probably W6


Me and Extradab were just about to make a ship and got attacked by 3 pirates we killed them and sunk their ship we also looted around 5k metal and 3k wood from them

We blew off all 4 engines and 4 wings then shot down their atlas core they attacked us while we were salvaging but they were weak pirates with bad aim

Pirates involved:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 140 total)

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