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Bossa, improve the island cleanup routines

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I think its very, very important for the future of the game. 2 points :
– island sometimes have convex assets. Like a rocky formation in the shape of a U. Or some dungeon with ungrappable walls. When a ship wreckage, or a hellspawner, is stuck there, its often forever, generating physics collision forever and a big overhead for the servers. Those assets are somtimes INSIDE islands, and when a frame is in the process of being digested, it can stay there.
– Some frames are just never digested. Maybe its their physics collision with the island, along a specific angle, that messes your algorithm precondition.

I think you should
Have someone visit the map on noclip mode, investigate and document this. OR
or make a query for reviver-less frames that have been staying in the world for a long time
and improve the cleaning routine. Maybe something as dumb as “if this frame has no registered reviver for 2-3 days, delete it from the world”.


Concave-surfaced assets collect the most wreckage.
With Atlas Lifters no longer adhering to ungrappable walls in Update 29 expect to see many more abandoned ‘loot-skiffs’ in those dungeons.
Frames should be salvageable after a certain time.


It’s concave. That diagram refers to planar curves, not surfaces.

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