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I’ve heard a suggestion passed around a bit lately, probably suggested before aswell.

The idea:
A bank placed on one island in each zone (maybe not for t4). Around the middle of the zone or so.
These banks would have a limited amount of slots, but big enough to be usefull as a resource safekeeping place.
Could limit them to not holding sertain things for balancing purposes (think fuel, q10).
Banks would be world wide and let you access items you put in one zone from another.
Banks could be player spesific, account spesific, crew spesific.

Currently people already do “bank” their items in non reachable locations with alt accounts.
This lessens their losses incase of defeat. But also lessens the reward aggressors get.
As this system would let you access your items from any zone people wouldnt just camp their bank zone
but venture out knowing if defeated they could use a smale sailboat to get some more items.
And this would hopefully promote use of this bank feature over alt safekeeping.

Positive aspects this accomplishes:
-A pvp hotspot, speaks for itself.
-A non “cheating” place to do something others already do
-Makes the game “easier”
-Death is more forgiving

Negative aspects with this addition:
-An island that non pvpers will dread going to
-A more “carebear” game
-Less rewards for pvp in a game with already low rewards
-Death is more forgiving

Thanks for reading.

the sugar man

I see why you’d want something like this, but I believe a reserve system could be better implemented in the form of an account-bound inventory chest. Similar to the “ender chest” from Minecraft, if you’ve ever played the game, but perhaps bound to accounts rather than individual characters? Maybe there can only be one instance of one of these crafted at a time per player/crew (since each crew member would have their own inventory accessible from the same chest)?


People camping their bank zone is their own loss really.

Who would run this bank? How would it be secure? How do things travel across the entire world? It does need to be vaguely explainable in the lore! I think skyports will likely be where people bank stuff once alliances are a thing, but having to travel only with what you can carry, like with a real ship, is I think a very important feature


Build a ship with storage space and without the spawner, drive it to some unremarkable location (close to barrier corners, at height limits, etc) and store your items there. You can respawn at your owned ship afterwards and you can quickly build s tiny minimal ship to get to that storage if anything bad happens. Here’s your bank.

Don’t expect the superfluous mechanics, that supposedly fix the issues that are supposed to be the part of the game.


Whenever I have too much stuff to stow of no immediate value to me, I just make a stash box and hide or not hide it somewhere on an island.

It’s better than spontaneously dying somehow and losing all the resources and clothing to the void, plus I bet sometimes people find it and it might make them happy!


@the sugar man
If I understand you correctly. Whenever a person open such a chest they would see their own content and not anyone elses?
This chest does not have the benefit of pvp connected to it, and would perhaps be too strong in an attack setting, say
you’re getting borded so you run to your storages and make sure to fill up your void chest?

The lore question is a good one. I do however think the devs would be able to explain it through ancient lost techonolgies.
Say the bank is a huge radar looking tower that looks to be dematerializing the bank content to warp it to another bank et cetera.

So you use an online storage ship? Unlike some others who has alt accounts so their storage ships can logg out in?
That does seem like a fun way to storage stuff and a good middle ground even though it doesn’t help with current
offline banks.
In your 2nd paragraph are you talking about banking with alt accounts are supposed to be in the game? Or that
I’m making a new issue regarding storage?

Yeah I do that too sometimes! 😀


There was a discussion about this on the subreddit a few days back. I don’t think you will ever be able to get rid of bank ships; but I agree there needs to be some option for less involved players to store materials. If more players are doing it, I suspect there would be more activity in the world, including much more PVP.

My idea was to tie it into the alliance control:

Trade and storage fees give the alliances incentive to make sure the islands are safe; as well as giving something for traders and pirates to visit. Those that wish to use bank ships still can, but they have to take the risk of defending the bank ship on themselves (as there is not natural game-mechanic organizing alliances in their defence).

Instantaneous transfer of mats really sounds like it would have a negative impact on the player-driven nature of the world though, I hope they don’t do anything like that!


Yeah this idea is nothing new.

I really like your take on it with an alliance controlled system.
How do you deal with bigger clans just raiding whenever people can’t be online?

Yeah the instantaneous transfer is dubious, however I see no other way to “fix”
the alt account storage. This system needs to be “better” than just using a 100% safe
method of safekeeping els it would not prevent the use of alt accounts.


How do you deal with bigger clans just raiding whenever people can’t be online?

The most obvious thing is just making the things really difficult to destroy… I think one of the Dev streams mentioned having a “period of vulnerability”, so that the alliance can decide what time of day they are most likely to be online.

One slightly more complicated option is maybe making it so that only the Alliances storage is immediately captureable (i.e. the place where all the rent goes). Capturing the player stored stuff could say, require the building to be destroyed X number of times, over X number of days. Everyone with stuff stored there gets a notification each time, so they have a chance to go and collect their stuff / help out defending. That way locations with lots of stuff will be juicy targets still, but people storing stuff there have a chance to respond.

The risk is what makes it fun though, and choosing which alliance you trust with your stuff could be a really interesting bit of the game!

Yeah the instantaneous transfer is dubious, however I see no other way to “fix” the alt account storage.

Yeah, I can’t even armchair game design my way out of this one :(.


Note one huge problem with all of these ideas is that they would be a PvP hotspot 😀 — could be terrible for server performance!



Mhm vulnerability periouds could work, just don’t want the game to turn into a rust/ark/rok etc type of game.
I just want a system that is more appealing and easier to use than the alt account method. But with obvious drawbacks.

Hahaha, yeah the servers could be an issue


Pretty much. Its not that I see an inconvenience in offline banks, but I just don’t have any alt-accounts and see no point in having one. If you know where people will not go for any reason, you can hide a ship of any achievable size there and come there whenever you like. If you’d put the thought into it, you can see dozens of such places. Currently I don’t even have any bank ships, as I’ve figured out there’s no point in storing stuff that you don’t need for a specific goal in mind, and that a personal ship is more than enough to carry that. Even if you lose a ship to some unfortunate circumstances, 80-90% of what you’re losing is just a heap of complementary items, that you’ve collected while looking for the other 20-10%, that actually have value to you.

In your 2nd paragraph are you talking about banking with alt accounts are supposed to be in the game? Or that
I’m making a new issue regarding storage?

I mean, that the physical nature of the items is intended, so its unlikely that some sort of pocket-dimensional storage will be introduced. As Luke “Eternz” Williams have stated about the alliance mechanics, there will be a possibility of remote trading, but the goods will still remain accessible. Items could be stored much more securely, but you’d still have to go and pick them up, instead of pulling from a “magic bag”.

I have mixed feelings about the alt-accounts – as I see it, its a pretty meaningless endeavor, that requires additional copies of the game instead of just hiding stuff properly.
There’s little that can be done to “combat” it, but hey, at least it benefits the developers.


The complementary item part is very true, however there are items such as extra schematics/clothes that one kinda want a more permanent hideing spot for. I take you don’t actually leave valuable stuff on your sky storage ships? Consider its very likely people will spot them sooner or later.

Currently people do the alt stuff with the same account as you can just make a new char on the same server and jump back into the game and access your ships / transfer over then logg back on the main.

This suggestion is merely my take on a possible solution to the alt storage “problem” which also opens up the game and lets others use it without feeling dirty.

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