Atlas Stones and Buoyancy

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Luke Williams

@howl Atlas Stones don’t actually have any levitating properties unless under certain conditions, there be lore reasons!


From what I saw in the gameplay they can be positioned anywhere as long as they counter-weight the ship. So asymmetrical placements don’t SEEM like they’ll screw up your ship if one goes blarg, you could always do your stern-and-bow idea with extra stones in the hull anyway, that might make the visible stones more of amplification devices.


can a core be turned on and off?

hay i may want to tunr off the rear ones and do a backflip.
also do they take fuel to use or is it a ‘free’ lifting force…

also if i have to many will i float up?


I think that with the single core update to the game it’s broken larger ship designs. IMHO


The reasons for changing to a single core was because multiple cores were almost consequence-free in terms of ship design. Just slap ’em anywhere with little planning or thought.

Now that ships can only have one core, it does limit the designs and sizes initially – but as more upgrades are added and better quality core/parts researched, I’m sure that restriction will evaporate and players will be able to achieve larger ships. Then it becomes a reward for exploring the world. It becomes a more structured form of player progression. You can’t start out building huge ships in the first 5 minutes, but most instead work towards that goal.

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