We make no bones about it; Worlds Adrift would never have taken flight without our revered band of Founders, let alone soared to its current heights. These 45,000 brave souls heeded the call of the skies, and have since made the clouds their home.

They’ve rallied crews.

Embarked upon adventures.

Banded together to form (and quash!) renowned alliances.

And fought for what is theirs by “right”!

Perhaps it was a Founder that found you. Perhaps you’re reading this with a sly smile, knowing you’re one of whom we speak.

Either way, we salute you, comrade.

In fact, we’ve decided that a humble salute doesn’t quite cut it…

As a thank you for helping Worlds Adrift become the place it is today, we want to help you with your ongoing mission to charter the dangers of Foundation, which is why we’ve decided to give away a Free Key for every Founder (awaiting them in their Steam inventory).

Bequeath it to whom you will, so that you may continue rallying crews, embarking upon adventures, forming alliances, and fighting for what is your’s by “right”!

See you in the skies!