Saturday 6th October!


A varied race and an open PVP Event to kiss all your old ships goodbye!


This event will be on Saturday 6th October at the following times: This event will be on Saturday 6th October at the following times: 7pm BST/2pm EST – Ten Rui; 8pm BST/3pm EST – Redusa; 9pm BST / 4pm EST – Capulca; 10pm BST / 5pm EST – Dino; 11pm BST / 6pm EST – Darrat.



Starting Line/Rally Point: Broken Path in H1

Finish line: Cartographos in O4. 

PVP starting in O4, can you survive to the finish line?


YES. First across the finish line and last ship afloat will get cosmetic prizes after the wipe! YOU GET TO KEEP THEM!

Prizes Include:

  • Original Art of the Winning Ships of each server (so make ’em pretty)
  • Masks of the Pale Fox or Bounty Hunter Hats for participating crew members (for PVP Winners)
  • A selection of dyes for your entire team (for Race Winners)
  • A couple of extra goodies on launch day (for Race & PVP Winners alike)
  • Special Prize for BEST TIME completing the race across all servers!


Will you be streaming? LET US KNOW!


Save the date, lovelies, streams and Dev Hunting events coming soon <3