Happy Monday, Travellers!
We continue our festive journey through the weird and wonderful additions to Update 29 (or the “Will of the Council Update” if you will). Disclaimer: Although many of the features were directly demanded by the CCC, their implementations were studio driven. The Council was largely consulted with on their experiences on many of the QoL issues.
On the fourth day of Kahi  gave to me…
Four potions (and 13 new recipes)!
Ah! Powerful drinks! Potions all grant you a great power boost in one skill and impede another for a while! Here are some of the coming in-game descriptions of these brutal brews. Use wisely.

Cloudworm Cordial

Sweet and lumpy. Makes the drinker feel as light as air… but kinda sickly too? Hmmm.

Hardy Draught

Makes the drinker more resistant to impact but feel more fragile generally.

Climber’s Elixir

Promises enhanced climbing but delivers dreadful indigestion.

Greyshell Brew

An acrid beverage that… hardens the drinker’s skin??? Painful.
And of course none of these would be possible without some new ingredients that are crucial for potions, such as Cloudworms and Greyshells:

Some of the key foods that we’ve got in this update are cool too, there’s sweets, and syrup! YUM!

Of course, there’s also plenty of new food recipes coming. We can’t wait to see the creative uses of these drinks!