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Update: – A Spooky Treat October 30th 2017 · bossa ben

We’re saying Happy Halloween a tad early and gifting you all a little surprise with this update. You’ll find the costume above in your Stash, and guess what? It’s yours forever. That’s right. As an additional bonus to our founders, we’ve given these items of clothing out to everyone playing the game at this stage….

Update live! Major duping issue resolved October 3rd 2017 · herb

Update 4th October Firstly, we’d like to give a massive thanks to those of you who have made us aware of another method to dupe in the game. We are investigating and working on this right now as we know this is one of (if not) the top priorities to fix. Inventory bugs are by… Hotfix Live September 7th 2017 · Bossa Kirk

Greetings travellers, We’ve been working hard to fix a serious bug which was impacting gameplay and a common visual issue which was spoiling your glorious ship designs.  We are happy to say that these are resolved with the release of and it’s safe to take your ships to the skies once again! This hotfix was… hotfix is live! August 29th 2017 · bossa_oli

Greetings travellers, Ahead of larger work on anti-cheating measures, we’re releasing Hotfix today. Most changes are related to exploits, balancing, and bugs, and while this is a step forward, rest assured we’re aware of additional exploits that we’re working on! Full list of changes below:   WORLDS ADRIFT CLOSED BETA HOTFIX NOTES  … Hotfix Released! August 18th 2017 · herb

Hello nomads! We’ve just released a hotfix for a couple issues introduced with the release of Wednesday. The servers have been brought down for maintenance to apply the hotfix. Here are the patch notes:   CLOSED BETA HOTFIX NOTES In a bug was introduced that would cause some ships, upon touching the…

Closed Beta update is Live! August 16th 2017 · bossa_oli

Greetings travellers, We recently announced the new update, and we are super excited to share that it’s now live and available to all players! Since we launched the Closed Beta, the team has been entirely focused on squishing bugs and working on performance improvements so that our Founders can have as an enjoyable experience as…

Developer Update: Preview August 9th 2017 · herb

Hello skyfarers! We’re been hard at work preparing to release a big update, version, to the Worlds Adrift Closed Beta! We’ve continued to focus on fixing the bigger bugs and making a lot of tweaks and balance changes, but also managed to get in a few cool new features. For a bit of explanation…

Closed Beta Patch Notes June 29th 2017 · herb

Hello nomads, Today we’re releasing, which mostly addresses player feedback on two different parts of the game: the Schematics known limit, and player-vs-player combat, particularly when it comes to boarding parties. For the former, we’re allowing players whose playstyle relies on having a large catalog of known schematics to invest their Knowledge points into…


Greetings travellers,   We’re happy to share that today we have a case of an unexpected win/win situation, which doesn’t happen all that often in games development! Our original target was to release the first game update  last Thursday. As you know, internal testing last week found critical issues that prevented us from going live….


Greetings Travellers! Whether you’re an Alpha vet or experiencing the game for the first time, we extend to you a very warm welcome to the Closed Beta for Worlds Adrift! The first thing you’ll notice if you’ve played before is that the starting experience of the game has been improved. Firstly, you’ll need to login…