Hey Travellers,

Hope you’ve had a fabulous week, and are ready for some extreme relaxing and gaming through the weekend! Don’t forget to join the wicked End of the Age of Brutality Event.

Awesome News!

We released a new trailer to accompany the fabulous LAUNCH we are hosting next week:

So, what have the devs been up to this week?

  • Working on alliance features 0.2.2 
  • New assets for the Island Creator 
  • Been writing the tutorial prompt/on-boarding character who will introduce you to the game from BEYOND THE GRAVE. But not like a spooky ghost.
  • Polishing up design tasks and docs
  • Finalising atlas compass and knowledge rework design 
  • more alliances/crew work – finishing up features so we can get into bugfixing etc 0.2.2
  • Our ships are real jerks and refuse to stop jerking. I’ve mostly beaten it out of them, but if a Manta comes and touches them then they go flip mode… 
  • Possibly fixed a cloth/horrible game crash for good, adding a little performance boost 0.2.0
  • Implemented particle pooling system for cannons, started to implement random VFX explosions 
  • Implemented the different SFX based on engine rarity 
  • Implemented the SFX for core components when attaching and detaching
  • Implemented spawn/teleport VFX
  • Revised Kioki Engines (orientate properly when placed on a ship) and Texturing Saborian Engines
  • Fixed fuel and creature salvage SFX
  • Implemented databank scanning VFX
  • Implemented gain knowledge VFX
  • Upgrading Auto-maintenance tool/infrastructure
  • Paving the way for launching!
  • Camera work (shoulder switching, idle camera, standardisation of our camera modes for aiming, firing, swinging, etc)
  • Player Controller work (Touch everything! Players now dynamically put hands out to touch things………) 
  • Tons of physics bugs on player fixed, better behaviour on grappling hooks, more predictable ragdolls, less ‘kraken’ bugs


It’s hella busy down here as were all bracing ourselves for launch. We want to thank you folks for your incredible support.

As always, see you in the skies!