Greetings Travellers,

Firstly, apologies for the brief post, we’re running a Game Jam this week in the studio, so things got a little disrupted (everyone including myself were too busy to hunt people down and wrench details out of).

So far, 0.1.9 release (yay New World!) and the Melt-the-Servers Event is scheduled for the week of March 19-22! THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Before the Melt-the-Servers Event (EDIT: to clarify it’s after a the New World wipe), I invite you to prepare the coolest, most stupidly elaborate ship so we can do an ALL PLAYER PARADE! What do you guys think?


What have the devs been up to?

  • Working on an opening sequence for the game to explain to new players the context a little bit
  • Working on the island export pipeline
  • Planning out some UI revisions to messy/unclear UI screens
  • Continuing to fix climbing (Press Q to Respawn)
  • Chunking up the legs of the male model
  • Making more hair and beard options
  • Making additional assets for when there are separate Kioki and Saborian loot tables
  • Fixing issues with remote players’ pistols
  • Fixing issues with personal revivers
  • Fixing login issues
  • Other small fixes and debugging(!)
  • Alliances backend and game code(!!!)


In other news…

Something else is happening on Thursday!

Prepare yourselves for 5PM GMT.

Once again, apologies for the briefness, we will follow this post up with a proper detailed announcement for the events mentioned above, but we didn’t want to leave you completely high and dry over the weekend!

Much love and see you in the skies,