Greetings Travellers,


We successfully kicked New Foundations out of the nest and our baby flew. It’s been very busy in the studio and the busyness won’t be subsiding anytime soon.

We are now concentrating on Update 28 which will include some bits that didn’t make it into New Foundations along with some major performance fixes. This is due in a few weeks, so keep them bug reports and support tickets coming across the forums and support website.

Have you seen our spicy new trailers? 

hehe Clot…

Who’s up for a Worlds Adrift animated series? I am.


It’s been mega-update week, and we realised how WRONG we were to hold back PVE and PVP for so long! We are back with EPISODE 9 the Worlds Adrift podcast, hosted by Malford and Julia featuring the Legendary Luke!

Topics we discuss:

  • Update Fiasco
  • Stream
  • Our wrongness about PVE/PVP populations
  • Trailers
  • Performance

Want us to answer your questions? Comment below and we will pick a few awesome ones to ask our next guest(s)!

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Race Winners


🥇 Fauzty & crew
🥈 Dokasha & crew
🥉 White FoX & crew


🥇 Machine Maker & crew
🥈 Kintey & crew
🥉 N/A 


🥇 Profane & Tripp Dino & crew
🥈 Desdymona & Korgothy & crew
🥉 Adeymn, Fearlessjake, Yarns, Ultra & crew


🥇 Trouble & crew
🥈 Gammaray Burst & crew
🥉 N/A

Ten Rui

🥇 Panzercult & crew
🥈 Pahricida & crew
🥉 Klepto Manix & crew

Fastest Ship – Machine Maker & crew on Darat!

PVP winners are under investigation 😉

What have the devs been up to this week?

  • Performance bug fixes for update 28 – Shane
  • Compass and other thing attached to ship will log out with the ship – Kexin 
  • Analytics for alliances – Kexin
  • Work on debugging Ciphers – Kexin
  • Player stuck in helm bug – Murillo
  • Quest system infinite recursion bug – Murillo
  • Fuel in Haven and other assorted haven silliness – Murillo
  • Trapped out of helm again – Murillo
  • Added rarity to inventory items – John
  • Bugfixing – John
  • Progression revamp, some bug fixing – Luke
  • Finished materials rebalance! Special event planning and updates! – Moster
  • Investigating using metal in crafting clothes/utility stuff – Jack
  • Starting on changing the lighting/sky in different biomes – Jack
  • Ship furniture optimization – Klaudia
  • Marketing: images for adverts – Klaudia
  • Fixing ship rubberbanding at server boundaries. Attempting to fix some players not being able to synchronise time on launch (workaround is to use VPN). In the very least the game won’t hang and will show a better error message! – Dave
  • Bugfixing, implementing a new model+cool looking durability bar for rhegus greaves – Maurizio
  • Stuff to support the new musical instruments, helping on streams and fighting with podcast mics – Malford

Have a fantastic gaming weekend, and we will see you in the skies 😀

Julia & WA Team